126-Piece Tool Chest
126-Piece Tool Chest

126-Piece Tool Chest

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WOW - and there was me thinking that Maplin was just for computers! Doh, this is great. Just like the one in my local garage. You know the one. When you were six years old and your dad kept telling you to keep your hands off it. :-)

Supplied in a metal tool chest with 2 drawers
A selection of screwdrivers with bits, hex keys, spanners, sockets, wirestripper, crimp terminals etc
Chest dimensions: 50(l) x 22(d) x 24(h) cm

7 x imperial spanners (5/16, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 5/8 and 11/16-inch)
7 x metric spanners (8, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15 and 17mm)
8 x standard screwdrivers (4 slotted, 2 x Phillips and 2 Pozi)
14 x metric hex keys
14 x imperial hex keys
20 x screwdriver bits
Wire stripper
Box of assorted crimp terminals
63-piece socket set



Direct Link - maplin.co.uk/Mod…3m5

Aint gonna be brilliant but can't be THAT bad for £30.00 Can It?
That's about 25 pence an item PLUS a free tool chest.

What must the chest alone, be worth.

I agree Cant be that bad, good kit for the light DIY'er who doesn't do too much, and therefor cannot justify the outlay on Better tools.

Heat added.


Must be junk!

hot deal - 3 left

If your looking for one about the same that is smaller in size, Argos do a few which are cheaper, have more pieces and take up less space...

]225 Piece Set £24.99

]160 Piece Set £13.32

All gone by the looks of it. Good price for what it is.

The 225 piece Argos set, be aware that 96 of the 225 pieces are screws......LOL.

tat................... but good tat, hot :roll:

is this likely to come back into stock?

wouldnt bother you get what you pay for with tools theres cheap and then their is these maplin tools are like the pound shop ones.

When you've used cheap sockets and spanners to nicely round off a nut on your engine and you then have to drill the thing out you will find this will possibly be the most expensive tool chest you could have bought! :w00t:

Spend the money on a few good sockets, not a large set with sizes you'll never use. :thumbsup:

Nowt worst trying to undo that bad nut with a cheap spanner,you always end up racking all your knuckles

just been in store in cardiff and they have these still available
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