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Posted 4 September 2022

12600K + 1TB gen4 S70 + RTX3060 + 750W Corsair Gold + Gamemax F15 + 240MM AIO (No Os) Gaming System £999.99 at Palicomp

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Something different for them ones which keep requiring more 12600K with a lower GPU.

  • INTEL Core i5 12600K (2.8/4.9Ghz) 268
  • ASUS PRIME B660M-A £99 / (Z690 +84 onsite)
  • ADATA 16GB DDR4 3200Mhz £55
  • ADATA 1TB S70 BLADE Gen4 M.2 nVME £105
  • GAMEMAX F15M- MESH £65
  • NVIDIA RTX3060 12GB £300

Price: £999.99 when opening the link, and removing the windows and then backdooring this: Corsair 750W
Designed for 12600K / 4070 in mind which quite alot asking ;-)

However, u know...."throttle"......

u do have this:

  • AMD Ryzen 5 5600X - 6 Cores - 12 Threads 3.7/4.6Ghz
  • CORSAIR 16GB DDR4 3000Mhz
  • NVIDIA RTX3070 8GB
  • MICROSOFT Windows 10/11 or 10/11 Pro

Price: £1025 + £60 for aio, + £10 for the 200mhz extra ram + 30 for the wifi board = £1095

which has 12600K on site if u must......

personal for me 5600x/3070, but i aim to please the request.

scan uk websites 12400F / 3060 is more then this 12600K so i know the value is a winner, but already ive done well u know.

Speaking of 12400F/3060 ive got another inbound, but im going to have to go in another way to get the final juice out of it.
Palicomp More details at Palicomp
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    The votes on this one are up/down.

    the key is on the negative the first impression, oh 1k for a 3060 build = bang its stone dead.
    but as usual whats inside of it, the calc is £1025 parts all built for £999.99

    the calc on the parts = nice.

    it is too much i5, with not enough GPU.

    if i did a 1k 3070 via 5600x = hot.
    if i did a 1.150k 3070 via 12600K (80 extra on cpu and 40 on the board) = hot.

    ive done them.

    but doing the same logic idea on a lower 3060= its criminal.

    im in agreement hence why ive said the 3070 below it. but its requested im not buying, and if u do for this.

    least its a 12600K 3060 to value, cos they aint elsewhere.
    Any ddr5 mobo set ups for a good price?
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    Would this be quick enough to send an email ?
    Email is possible,

    The dial-up telephone number is: 0844 711 0053
    User Name is: isp@dialup
    Password is: connect

    Pop that info into your 'new dial-up account' wizard and you are on-line! Charges are at the local call rate which is about 4p/min daytime; 2p/min evenings; 1p/min weekends.

    so yeah, can send an email once connected.
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    The second one looks a lot better or is the Intel better than the AMD or am I missing something esle? You reckon I could build the second one for cheaper? Thanks Sarden
    Good difference between board / cpu prices. lot of trend on 12600K, and this puts it in hot property and one of the key alot of sellers are asking way above its part rate basis, however this is part rate basis.

    3070 = hot, however 1k 3060 is underminded, but its all to value.

    some will look at 12600k for future, so going for the lower gpu now then spending 200 for the 3070, however the 5600x will still be a good contender for 4000series, so id head there.

    will depend if u can get a 3070 for £450, which was last times ebay code, and not this time due to the fact the £ is weak atm, and 3070 this week has gone up by £40 on rebuys.
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    12600k on board is not worth it. If it was a z690 board it would have been super hot.
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    ive done another deal, which starts of on the backfoot at £933 with the 12400F but it has a controller and 4TB extra harddrive, on the backfoot being the "site look price" and 3060 and doesnt refect full part range inside of it.

    2 different deals tonight, both cracking value whats inside them. another way.
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    I actually need help contemplating whether I should wait for new releases and build or just build now as my budget is around
    £2000 not sure if that would be enough for all the new gen stuff and also would it be better for me to build myself or get something like this and just edit some parts. someone help me out here please
    Personally if I had a budget of £2000 I will be going for the new AMD chips and boards. Then I wouild get a makeshift graphics card until the next gen come out then upgrade next year
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    Hey Sarden.
    What's the cheapest desktop setup that'll run Photoshop for a few years?
    fancy self building?
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    Hi, I like this machine but would like it paired up with z690 wifi +£104 and ,3070 graphics +230 +70 3tb seagate hdd (£1403.99). is that still good value or should i combo that some other way?. i mainly paly rocket league but like the idea of futire proofing with the 3070 as it looks way more pwoer than 3060 on review site? thanks
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    Ordered thanks with some nice upgrades (z690/ storage/ 750 gold RM Corsair), perfect for office use and esports games at 1080p 144 with a bit of future proofing too in the core components. 200 cheaper than me buying the same parts only!
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    I’d at very least put a 3070 in the first build.
    it’s such a waste of such great gaming CPU that 3060.
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    Why future-proof yourself now, when for the next five years at least, the current gen consoles are the performance target, with their old PC gen spec inside?

    Maybe do this in a couple of years, not now.

    "Always buy the most powerful GPU you can afford..."