127 Piece Heat Shrink Wire Wrap Assortment - Amtech £2.05 @ One Stop Shop

127 Piece Heat Shrink Wire Wrap Assortment - Amtech £2.05 @ One Stop Shop

Found 16th Oct 2012
Seems cheap enough, not really needed but at £2 each ordered 2 always handy to have in amazon are selling this from 4.29 - 4.78

free delivery across the whole site too may be some other deals there just not took the time to look

paypal seems to be the only way to pay

also when you sign up theres a £10 off £50 spend code too
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great price for some shrink tube, cheers op

Heat shrink wire wrap, also called heat shrink wire connectors, are traditionally used over joints in cables and wires to protect the joints from water and dust. This type of wire connector also provides a barrier between wires and corrosive materials. Heat shrink wire connectors are made of any one of several types of thermoplastics. Some have adhesive interiors that form a tight water seal once they are shrunk into place. Use of these connectors varies from pencil grips and chair feet, to highly technical applications in the aerospace and technology industries.

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There's VAT to pay as well.
Showing as £3.05 on site.
Now £3.05
Just looked, it says £3.05 poss + vat?
I need a piece of shrink material to go over some wires for the car, I have never used them before - do you just use a heat gun to shrink it?
It has gone up, ordered at 2.05 here including the vat
Is it just me or does it say £3.05 ?
Unfortunately they've now updated the price to £3.05 (was £2.05 when in cart but had changed by time I went to checkout), however I still bought one as its cheaper than I can find anywhere else. Whilst I was there I also bought the Rolson garden rake for £3.66 - I've been needing a rake for a while so that's a good start to the morning for me
Ordered at £3.05 still a good buy and delivered to, you cant moan
£3.49 now.

£3.49 now.

Got to be quicker there fella...
recieved mine today , 254 pieces of heatshrink for 4.10 delivered, ebay sellers sell 1 metre lengths for that much

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