Posted 6 January 2023

1.2kg bags of Quality Street single flavour sweets £6 at John Lewis Liverpool

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EDIT 25th Jan. - £6 bags still available at Liverpool, but only the Honeycomb Crunch flavour.

The Quality Street stand is leaving John Lewis Liverpool. The remaining loose sweets have been bagged up in single flavours - 1.2kg @ £6. Lots of flavours available yesterday, although no purple sweets or green triangles.

They also have some pre-filled sealed 1.2kg tins @ £9.60 - also shown on-line:


Posted as a local deal. Hopefully, they are available in other John Lewis stores. If found, perhaps people would be kind enough to confirm for the benefit of others. Thanks
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    my John Lewis allowed us to make own bags, as there have plenty to shift, purple,greens and blues for 6 pounds for 1.2kg and still got my old tin

    also if you don't feel lost 🍫 now, don't worry it had a best before date of September (edited)
    Which is your local John Lewis and when was this?
    ( Wishing it is one close to me)
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    Got these in Southampton on Monday.
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    Cardiff store only had fudge and honeycomb
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    Terrible chocolate.
    Better to get a Lindt, Godiva or even Tony’s.
    Where can I find Lindt, Godiva or even Tony's for 50p per 100g?
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    £9 in John Lewis Bluewater. The sweets do come in a tin, but that’s not worth an extra £3!
    Tins with only one flavour, or a mix?
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    Do u reckon they've got bags like this in the cadbury shop in the lowry outlet? I wouldn't mind going for some toffee pennies if so
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    Theres no many toffees in QS. I prefer roses because I can eat them faster and don't have to squeeze them first. Not squeezing also prevents incurring the wrath of others.
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    Anyone know if these are available in Newcastle?
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    Toffee fingers ftw!!
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