12month T-mobile Flext25 Motorola MOTOSLVR L6 Clearance, £35.88 term cost, £1.12 profit after quidco
12month T-mobile Flext25 Motorola MOTOSLVR L6 Clearance, £35.88 term cost, £1.12 profit after quidco

12month T-mobile Flext25 Motorola MOTOSLVR L6 Clearance, £35.88 term cost, £1.12 profit after quidco

Buy forBuy forBuy for£35.88
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Phone: Motoroloa SLVR L6 (Clearance)

Network: T-mobile

Tariff: Flext £25 12mth (Up to 200 mins OR up to 400 txts a month)

Offer: 12 Months £2.99 line rental (via cashback in months 4, 8 and 12) + 1 month free insurance (make sure you cancel after 1st month to avoid payments for it afterwards)

Total term cost after cashback: £35.88

Go through quidco for additional £37 back.


o2 are doing a better offer u get k800i and 1gb memory card and free deliver and 100 min 50 txt only £20 pm.

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but this one is £2.99 per month! (or less than £0 pm after quidco).

Wow! Good deal

Just a reminder that this is clearance stock...

By using reconditioned or clearance stock, we are able to offer you even … By using reconditioned or clearance stock, we are able to offer you even greater savings.These mobile phones are either ex-demonstration, trial or mail order returned. For your peace of mind, each and every handset has been quality inspected by our engineers & reconditioned if necessary. Each handset also comes with a full years manufacturers warranty.

Wouldn't bother me. Great deal!

do you know if the phone be branded and/or to T-Mobile?

Voted hot.
Shame it's not in Flext 30 or 35.

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do you know if the phone be branded and/or to T-Mobile?

Most likely it will be locked to T-mobile, but not branded.


better go for brand new one for £3.5 after quidco


total cost : £40 and quidco for £36.5 makes this one for £3.5

cpw offers £20 for trade-in.

so the decision is over £21.12.


better go for brand new one for £3.5 after quidco

True but many would prefer to deal with CPW for cashback.

this is a good deal but i hate cashback

That's a great deal too, maybe worthy of it's own post? Personally even the Flext £25 would do me.

Cashback is how they can offer these deals, the percentage of customers wh fail to claim properly subsidise those who do resulting in healthy profit for the retailer.

If you can plan right and ensure the claims are sent in correctly and on time it's not a problem.

Willdash mobile deals were great between Oct and December-Xmas.

Went all pear shaped in Jan retailers tried to recover their margins etc i think.
Feb is slowly beginning to pick up, that phonespot.com deal is good, but not great or i would of done a seperate hot deal.

Each to their own. Those who don't like cashback deals allow people like us to get a free ride Same goes for credit cards with cashback.

schizoboy, I haven't looked since my last contract was up 6 months ago but I've not seen many 12 month free deals on T-Mobile's Flext tariffs. Were there better deals before xmas?

Much better deals, some more 12month free deals, but mostly on the top endish phones offering £20-£100 term costs which now are £150-£250 term costs.

A gamble on mobile retailers part hoping the people rushing for xmas gifts would forget entirely about cashbacks and misplace documentation etc.
And i think it works as all those deals, if cashbacks were all honoured on all those orders, it would of bankrupted them.

Well I ordered the L6 from the OP for my gf who keeps going over her 100 texts a month and I'm tempted for myself but I think I'll wait if you think deals might get better again. Were these from reputable retailers? After a lot of hassle with the smaller ones I'll only deal with the big players these days.

From the CPW group mostly.

Some other ones too though, majority reputable.

Just do not expect retailers to hold your hand, that's what annoy me most.
People expecting retailers to make cashback simple to understand, cashback terms are there to trip you up and are 100% legal.
If you can't read simple conditions and follow them, do not use cashback is my advice without wishing to be a rude ******.

Yep, I've never missed out on any cashback but my gf's has simply because she didn't read the t&c properly and didn't make a note of when her first claim was. When dealing with mobile outlet I followed everything to the letter and they replied say that I hadn't. Didn't take much to clear up though. Just sent them a copy of the terms and conditions I'd signed up to, which had changed subsequently, to show I was right and eventually a cheque was sent my way. Had to chase them up a lot and so these days I'd much rather go with MobileShop or one of the other bigs ones just to make it a little easier.

Mobileshop is good, reliable for cashback and flexible too, i showed them a scan of a bill which they used once for cashback, not as good deals these days though, CPW Group, mobileoutlet, coolnewmobile, buymobilephones.net tend to be the big ones in cashback.

I've never done a cashback deal before but the one you've posted, schizoboy, about the motorola l6 from the Phone Spot is tempting.

Is it really as straightforward as sending your bills on time to get the cashback? I'm sure I could manage that. Or is a bit complex and should I know anything before signing up to the deal?

It might be timeconsuming but someone who hasn't done cashback deals before.

Read and compare T&C's from different sites..

The brief details on that deal you mentioned:

11 Months FREE line rental A credit of £81.00 will be raised … 11 Months FREE line rental A credit of £81.00 will be raised automatically by cheque within 2 months if you do not cancel your contract. You will receive a text message when this credit has been successfully raised.To gain the remainder of your line rental / cash back please send your 6th 8th 10th and 12th monthly bills within 30 days of the date stated on the relevant airtime bill to us and we will credit you by cheque with £62.25 each time.This will save you £330.00 over the 12 month duration of the contract. In effect this means that your average line rental per month over the contract period is £2.50 per month.

Cheers for your reply. The details you posted seem pretty straightforward. I can't find any further info. on the site about the terms for cashback.

Is there usually anything misleading or hidden in the terms, such as you have to make a certain amount of calls or make a certain amount of texts?

Keep your bills safe.

It doesn't matter if you make no calls or loads of calls.

Always pay your bills on time with no outstanding amount on your bills from previous months.

Don't change your tariff.

Don't change the primary name of the person on the network account.

Don't change your bank details for the direct debits.

Don't change address if you can help it.

Your 1st bill usually arrives days after ordering, meaning 6th bill is after 5months, 12th bill is after 11months etc.

Send claims via recorded mail if not special delivery, keeping the stamped slip provided, this is your proof of delivery.

Always fill in the vouchers provided correctly

Never assume anything, chase everything up if you have doubts, retailer customer services will answer you.

Ask lots of questions about their cashback terms if you want, be thorough and specific.

The network provider has nothing to do with retailer cashback deals do not contact them about it (although you can put in an official complaint if the retailer has dealt with you badly)

Read the terms and conditions more than once.

Setup multiple reminders.

Mark your calenders.

Print out a cashback date schedule, stuck somewhere obvious so you do not forget.

^^^Thank you for the above reply schizoboy. Answered a lot of my questions and now I know what to expect. Will sign up for the deal now.

Thanks again!

tried to order one from phonespot.com through quidco but it wont let me check out?

Did you get an error?
What did it say?

give you 3 months free insurance and through quidco £50 cash back!

no error but nothing(£0) in basket so maybe wont let me check out

Alot of retailers give you 3months free, but only provide 30days or so to cancel.

If you don;t want to be tied into a insurance contract, cancel it as soon as you get the phone and see the insurance details.

Ask about cancelling it in your cashback queries if you want.

smolloy do you have any software or browser settings preventing cookies or similar?

will do .....but wonder why cant checkout?

will look into pc ...hang on

nope wont let me check out!

Try another browser.



I am potentially moving house soon, so do not want to sign up for a 12 month cashback deal if it will be voided when I change address.

Anyone seen any good 'non cashback' deals - not '3' network (terrible where I live in London) as I have been on cashback for 2 years but got stung this year (my fault - missed deadline!).
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