12x bottles of Budweiser! £5.99 @ Aldi

12x bottles of Budweiser! £5.99 @ Aldi

Found 4th Dec 2013
They're selling 12 bottles of Budweiser for £5.99 in Aldi at the moment! 50p a bottle!

I've only seen it in the Shirley, Solihull store but it could well be national!
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They had loads of stock in Blackpool on Friday at the same price
Brought this in Wigston, Leicester earlier today...
Good price if you can drink the stuff, used to love it when I was a kid, can't drink it now though it's gassy as owt
Great price
Bottle of beer cheaper than bottle of water. Welcome to the UK. Hot.
Checking my local store for this today thank you
It's in the Halifax store too

Just in time to stock up for Christmas
Stock up for Xmas! Now just need to find another good wine promo!
Found in Gainsborough store great price thanks.
Food deal, shame bud tastes like dog ****.

I think Tesco are still doing 3 crates for £21, and use a new customer code to get £15 off £50.

I got 9 crates of Staropramen 330ml for £52.

Superb, and it is a great beer, not quite up with Budvar but close.
Combine this with the £5 off £40s spend voucher....

84 bottles for £36.93 less than 44p a bottle!
They had this last week in my local
Asda = 24 bottles for £12.
Good spot for this though.
Was gonna post this myself.

NOTE: These are 300ml bottles, not the standard 330ml.
Thanks poster I've ust paid £5.99 in Bebbington but the displayed price is £7.99
I bought some, great price!
Been selling 24 bud for £12 at Asda on and off ALL year!
Sainsburys often have a slightly better deal than Asda but Bud deals are so varied in pack size and bottle capacity so best work out the cost per bottle as a guide,NEVER get good can deals with Bud however!
This works out less than £1 per pint which is brilliant for Bud, got myself a couple of cases from Halesowen last night and may get another couple tonight if they have any left.HEAT!
I've not been in since but they had a load of these in the Urmston Aldi on Wednesday... 50p a bottle is crazy good!
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