12x Irn Bru Cans (500ml) for £5 @ Tesco

12x Irn Bru Cans (500ml) for £5 @ Tesco

Found 28th Nov 2011
Was in Tesco's on Saturday night and i noticed they had 12 cans of the 500ml Irn Bru for £5, They are branded with Summer edition on it so im assuming it's clearing out stock but they had a pallet full sitting at the front of the store.

Not sure if this is Nationwide or Local but worth a look
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Why vote cold? 41p a can for 500ml isn't bad, a 500ml bottle costs between 79p - £1.10
asda do 6x330 for £2.70 but x2 for £3 making it 7.6p/100ml whereas this deal is 12p/100ml (i think) and also sainsbury's and asda doing 2l bottles for £1 and 2 for £2 respectively making it 5p/100ml.
Ah right i see, so it's not that good a deal after all lol
Its better than the home bargains deal, which is 50p a can!

If you have a farm foods near you they are £5.50 for 24 normal size cans of diet or normal irn bru..........or I think it was last week someone had posted Amazon selling it for £6.00 delivered.
or at the moment iceland do 9 x 330ml cans for £2
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