12x kitekat £3.99 instore only Ugo (ex-Netto stores)

12x kitekat £3.99 instore only Ugo (ex-Netto stores)

Found 23rd Jun 2011
Just bought a few x12 cases of Kitekat giant mix cat food in jelly.
3 x chicken, turkey, salmon and tuna selection.
Just tried it on the cats and they gave it the paws up !
33P a can. 12 in a case.
In store only at Ugo , they took over 20 odd Netto stores.
There was a large pallet stacked up.


Excellent price roughly half the normal price

the stores are Up North, shame or I'd be there tomorrow

Shame the old netto's around here are just mini Asda's now need some cat food at the moment.

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The Netto stores that asda are keeping haven't changed to "mini asda's" yet near us.
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