13 Game Of Death (aka: 13 Game Sayawng) DVD £2.99 @ Play
13 Game Of Death (aka: 13 Game Sayawng) DVD £2.99 @ Play

13 Game Of Death (aka: 13 Game Sayawng) DVD £2.99 @ Play

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Product Description
From the producers of Ong-Bak and Warrior King comes 13: GAME OF DEATH, a riveting thriller that grabs from the very start and never lets go until its final, shocking ending. Puchit is a struggling salesman who has hit rock-bottom; losing his job, his car and his girlfriend on the same day. That is until he receives a mysterious phone call from an Internet game show, offering him the chance to win £2 million to complete 13 secret challenges. But he soon he discovers there's a catch. Each challenge becomes more intense, grotesque and morally questionable, but if he quits he loses everything. How far will he go to finish the 13 brutal tasks, and what awaits for the final challenge?
Thai/American pop singer Krissada Terrence stars in this cynical thriller adapted from the manga My Mania and detailing the harrowing journey of a luckless man who engages in a disturbing underground game in a desperate bid to get his life back on track. Chit is a guy with some serious problems: He's just been fired from his job, his car has been impounded, his debts are growing, and he can't seem to maintain a relationship to save his life. When Chit receives a mysterious phone call inviting him to participate in a bizarre underground game that promises to solve all of his financial woes should he take top prize, the prospect of earning some quick cash proves too tempting to resist. In order to win the game, Chit will have to complete thirteen tasks designed specifically to push him to the edge of sanity. While the tasks start out innocently enough, they rapidly progress into life or death territory - making Chit question his moral compass and highlighting how far some folks are willing to go to achieve wealth.
A fantastic, exciting, and often darkly funny film with interesting characters and an engaging storyline --best-horror-movies.com

A top-notch thriller which deserves standing ovations for its cleverness and unexpected twists. --slasherpool.net

A pitch perfect mix of pop culture mass appeal with deeper thought and meaning, all of it tied together by the strong performance of the lead --twitchfilm.net

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