£14 for a £57 voucher to be redeemed against any treatment at Glow Beauty Bar in Edinburgh - Groupon (Mycitydeal)

£14 for a £57 voucher to be redeemed against any treatment at Glow Beauty Bar in Edinburgh - Groupon (Mycitydeal)

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Found 9th Jul 2010
£14 for a £57 voucher to be redeemed against any treatment, such as eyebrow shaping, eyelash extensions, Indian head massage or eyelash tinting, at Glow Beauty Bar - Save 75%

With today's Groupon you can receive £57 worth of beauty treatments for a tiny £14.

So here's a little bit more about your options. You might fancy an eyebrow shaping session, using the method of threading, taking into account your hairstyle, make-up and the shape of your face and eyes. Celebrities such as Nigella Lawson, Sophie Dahl, Dido and Liz Hurley are all fans of the technique. You might choose to team this with an Indian Head massage to melt away the stresses of your everyday life, or even some hair extensions to cheat nature and get your locks long and luscious.

Failing that, you could go for the kind of long dark eyelashes that are blinking out from all the beauty pages at the moment, with a set of eyelash extensions. You get to choose your style, colour and size of your choice, depending on the desired effect. Move aside Bambi, the Groupon and Glow beauties are in town.


please read this before you use this company....................i bought 2 chocolate voucher deals, pay a £1 and get £10 voucher for Amelie chocolate. when the time ended i recieved the 2 seperate transactions with voucher codes to redeem. i followed the instructions and nothing happened. i later recieved an email to say there had been an error and the codes would be up and running by 2/7/10 (friday). i again followed the instructions and yet again, nothing. so i followed thier online instructions to email rather than phone because they check emails all day long. i heard nothing from them so by monday i phoned and was left on hold for at least 30 minutes before speaking to someone who couldnt give a toss. i was fobbed off with we are very busy and someone will definately fone you in 24hrs. again, no contact so contacted them yet again and let them have it. i again was assurred my name was being processed and somebody would contact me before the end of the day,which was yesterday and yet again nothing. i have now put a claim in through !
PayPal for my £2 back. i just thought i would let you know the sort of company you are dealing with. i will never use this company again, if it really is a company.

I havent had any problems with mycitydeal before by i had real trouble with another firm offering £1 cinema tickets. Took them 3 months and countless emails to get me my voucher! The staff are prob on minimum wage and so really couldnt care less
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