14 inch girls bike £39.99 prime only poss £34.99 when you download the app @ Amazon

14 inch girls bike £39.99 prime only poss £34.99 when you download the app @ Amazon

Found 19th Dec 2017
I have just been looking for a cheap bike for my 3 yo purchased this for £34.99 after downloading the app and clicking on the link for the extra £5. (It should come up above the item get £5 off if you download the app on the normal web screen). Free delivery with prime also. Hope this helps someone! Good deal at 39.99 if you already have the app
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I did the same for my 3 year old last year, ended up giving the bike away.

These cheap bikes are honestly not worth buying, they are RIDICULOUSLY heavy, this package is listed as 11KG, expect 9.5/10KG of that to be the bike itself.

Neither of my girls could turn the pedals for any direction as the thing weighed a ton. My 54cm Scott Foil Team Issue, with carbon wheels weighs a shade over 7.6KG for reference...

If you're buying a bike to get a child interested in riding, get them something with an Alu frame and of suitable weight. A 10KG bike being ridden by a 12KG 3YO just doesn't work!

We ended up getting them Raleigh Molli (more money, yes) and they love riding them, proper geometry, better components (bearings/wheels/tyres) and a light frame.

My 2p, YMMV.
Unless your daughter is exceptionally tall, I would have thought this bike would be too big for a 3 year old and too heavy.
Hope it works out for you though.Heat given but I would agree with the above comment.
Bought one of these for my granddaughter, who's nearly 5, for Xmas, put it together the other day and thought it was ok for the money.
Don't worry she is tall! It is just bike for her to nip around on for a year and learn a bit more on , so we will not worried about it getting bashed / scraped due to the price! She has had previous bikes / scooters and can use pedals and has been walking without a pram since age 2 so she will be fine Her big sister is getting a mountain bike this year so got this as an additional present so they can ride together. ( we did take measurements before buying plus adding room to grow)
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