14-Night Kenya Beach Break, 67% OFF  @ africansafariclub

14-Night Kenya Beach Break, 67% OFF @ africansafariclub


£370 holiday if you can leave...Today.

Departing on 02 October 2009, staying at the Paradise Beach Hotel (3 shields) the price includes return flights, 14 nights in a standard twin room on Bed & Breakfast Basis and all transfers, taxes and fuel surcharges.
Many more departures available including Xmas!

Bloody Hell. Scorching for the 2nd October depature.

Also the 16th of October from Manchester for £401 ain't too shabby.

Can't really see that picture for the deal. Can you post a larger version???!!!

Read the reviews on this company before booking. You have been warned!!!

For this price it's excellent value. I have used African Safari Club and whilst their shield rating system is not like the star rating for hotels, a trip to Kenya where the wildlife, people and country are such an experience, is well worth it. Just do not expect too much. If I could I would be on that flight!

We went to Mombasa last November for two weeks and stayed a very nice hotel but did not book through ASC. For any families thinking of going there on holiday I would advise you not to take children below the age of about 7 as they won't really be getting the most out of it (Safari) and would be just as happy going to somewhere closer without the health risks.

Despite being a relatively 'safe' African country, Kenya is still desperately poor as sadly most of the money from decades of tourism has passed through the country rather than been invested there. As such you'll be pestered continuously to buy trinkets and spend a lot of time repeating yourself to each and every seller that no you don't need another woodcarving as you attempt to stroll along the (picturesque) Indian Ocean beach. The sellers compete with one another intensely and it tends to keep quite a lot of the punters within the confines of the hotels leaving an even higher ratio of sellers to potential customers. It's not really practical to actually relax on the beach as you won't have a moments peace and you hope that they'd respect you'd like to spend some time with your family or enjoy some peace alone but it's not really a choice they have. The beach sellers outside our resort actually stood on the beach all day staring into the resort and calling to people to come over and it felt very intrusive like you were being stalked. not very relaxing.

I wouldn't advise someone not to go to Kenya/Mombasa as there are many worthwhile things to do and see but be informed that you are going to a poor part of the world and realise that it won't be the same as a European style beach holiday.
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