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14 nts Orlando Florida July - 2 adults + 2 children - Rosen Inn Lake + Rtn Flights B'ham + 20kg bags £1563.12 (£391pp) @ Holiday Hypermarket

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Posted 16th Jun 2022

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

14 night July deal to Orlando Florida for a total of £1560, working out at £391 per person based on 2 adults and 2 children (other combinations available e.g. 2 adults £1150). Code TUI150 should be auto applied.

Hotel is well located Rosen Inn Lake Buena Vista, with flights from Birmingham 4th July (other dates in July) for 14 nights. Includes accommodation in a double room, overseas coach transfers and direct return flights with 20kg checked baggage each and 10kg hand luggage. Average temp is 33 degrees. ATOL protected. Check any entry requirements.

4/5 Google reviews


The Rosen Inn Lake Buena Vista is within easy reach of Walt Disney World and the Universal Orlando Resort - there's a free shuttle bus to both. It's got great pool and dining scenes, too. The Rosen Inn Lake Buena Vista provides easy access to Orlando’s world-famous theme parks. It’s a five-minute drive from Walt Disney World and puts on a free shuttle bus service there and to SeaWorld and the Universal Orlando® Resort. If you want to get out and about in the evenings, Disney Springs is a 10-minute drive away.The rooms have little extras that make getting ready for a day at the parks easy. Fridges, microwaves and coffee-makers come as standard. Plus, they also have flat-screen TVs.

What's included

  • Double room
  • Overseas coach transfers
  • Direct return flights from LGW including 20kg checked baggage each and 10kg hand luggage each
  • Free Shuttle bus to the theme parks
  • No Resort fees
  • Free parking
  • Free wifi


If you’ve booked a package holiday, you’re entitled to your money back within a guaranteed 14 days in the unlikely event we have to cancel it. You’ll also have other options, including the opportunity to change your package booking to another holiday fee-free.
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    Incredible deal. Just the costs of eating and doing things there are getting ridiculous. The exchange rate will only worsen now due to the higher increase in the US interest rates compared to here, and Disney tickets are now approaching £500 each, not to mention hundreds more for the other parks, but as long as you're prepared for that, and are happy to pay it, then it is still one of the best holidays you can have.

    COVID Travel Information is HERE which is correct as of 15 June 2022. Adults need to be fully jabbed, but boosters are no longer needed and children under 18 are exempt from having to be jabbed. Masks are no longer required anywhere, including public transport (planes, buses, taxis etc.), public spaces, shops, theatres, theme parks etc., but may be in some limited circumstances i.e., hospitals.

    For ALL things to do with Disney, Universal, theme parks and Florida in general, a visit to the specialist forum website THE DIBB is essential. You will find out everything you could ever wish to know from there.

    To help some people, I posted this below on a similar deal a week ago, but thought it would be useful to post again for those that missed it. The way I see it, information can only help people! Hope it helps.

    Anything else you want to know, then The Dibb is your friend!

    Post 1

    "Not that close to Orlando"

    My response:

    I think you mean Kissimmee where 95% of people stay - Orlando is further north of the theme parks and although quite a big city, very little for tourists. The theme parks and most accommodation are nearest to Kissimmee.

    Melbourne to Kissimmee - 55 miles / 1 hour
    Orlando International airport - 16 miles - 25 minutes
    Sanford International airport - 46 miles / 56 minutes

    In my experience of Orlando and Sanford airports, at Sanford you will get through customs, immigration and pick up your car much quicker than Orlando - you can easily spend an hour waiting to get your car at Orlando. So overall, flying into Sanford will save you time compared to Orlando airport, and I suspect it will be the same getting out of Melbourne airport. Orlando International is where most people fly into, but that doesn't mean it's the easiest or quickest way.

    American roads are very easy to drive on, and much less congested than here. I've done over 3,000 miles several times over there (California/Nevada and Virginia/Georgia/Tennessee/North & South Carolina) on a 10 and 12 day holiday - you really CAN get to places quickly, unlike here. I actually prefer driving there compared to here because it is so easy and relaxed.

    Post 2

    "I've drove thousands of miles around America, was 8yrs ago mind. But found other drivers very forgiving not like over here. I noticed they don't have roundabouts on motorway exits over there, so if you come off at wrong junction you have to drive across town to rejoin it. I'm looking to go back sometime this year. Just Google regarding there driving rules, if your turning right at red light you are able to go when nothing is coming."

    My response;

    I agree it is very easy to drive over there, but what you've said isn't quite right. I've been to the US at least 15 times, and have driven roughly 20,000 miles over those visits - in around a dozen different states, twice doing 3,000 miles in two holidays (California/Nevada/Utah and another holiday in Virginia/Georgia/Tennessee/North & South Carolina), one over 10 days and one over 12 days. Actually I did another 16 day holiday all over California of around 2,000 miles, so I consider myself very experienced driving there. You can get to places much quicker than here due to the relatively empty, well maintained and straight roads and lack of speed cameras everywhere. I've driven in and through some main cities, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orlando, Miami, Atlanta etc., and although it can slow up a bit, it was much easier than I expected. In my experience drivers are no more or less forgiving there than here, but they are NOT as courteous as we Brits are. Over here, people always let you in when joining from a side road, but over there they generally won't do that. The times I sat at a side road, or a petrol station or shop car park waiting to pull out onto the main road (especially near an intersection) where driver after driver will NOT stop or slow down to let you out. On occasions, it has taken 10 minutes to get out onto the main road, because people won't let you out and then, when the intersection lights go red again, they STILL won't let you out, they all just bunch up again.

    They DO have roundabouts there, and they are becoming more and more common because they've realised how much easier and efficient they are at managing traffic, but Americans do seem to struggle with the concept. Their crossroads/junction system is ok, but you can waste an incredible amount of time sitting at major intersections, burning petrol and money in the process. You are right that you can turn right on a red light, which is an incredibly useful and logical thing to do (I wish we had the same here) but NOT every red light. Some specifically have "No Turn On Red" signs. However, I have experienced that sometimes, even if there is no sign expressly saying you cannot turn right on a red light, you CANNOT turn right on a red light. I have indeed turned right on a red without a sign, and yet nobody behind followed me, in fact I have been tooted by those behind occasionally when I've gone right at a red. That happened quite a few times. I've no idea why you can turn right on some, but not others where there is not a sign forbidding it. I have tried to find out but never found an answer. Obviously there must be something about the layout or position of the junction which Americans know, but not tourists. Also their U-Turn system is great - that's a very quick and easy way to turn round on a major road.

    They do have slip roads on and off their motorways in many places, but not always. Florida does seem to have many junctions where there is no slip road/roundabout so you do have to find some way back on motorways, which usually involves doing a U turn once you've come off a motorway and taken a different road, then you simply head back towards the motorway and rejoin it - all very simple generally, but occasionally sometimes it can be convoluted to get back on. Actually ALL motorways have slip roads of sorts, just they can often be just roads off with no direct way of rejoining. On one occasion, back in the early 2000s, we missed a turn off on the way to an outlet mall, and as we only had a paper map, we ended up getting on the Florida turnpike road and eventually went off the side of the map so had no idea where we were. It took us almost 60 miles and 2 hours to find our way back onto the map and then Kissimmee. Satnav is essential, and Waze is very good and free, but you do need internet access so it will cost whatever your roaming charge is, but that is no bad thing as you will find yourself having to use the internet anyway so we always just pay the daily charge as it's so useful (£5 I think with Vodafone). But you can buy cheap sims over there with PAYG and data allowance which you can pop in your phone which will make it cheaper (if your phone is unlocked that is).

    Post 3

    "Thank you, sounds like a dream Cheaper petrol"

    My response:

    Yes, but bear in mind their gallons are around 3.5 litres, our gallons are around 4.5 litres, so you need to work out the cost compared to UK gallons on that basis. Also bear in mind that most cars over there are probably a minimum 3 to 4 litre, and many are more than that - people carriers are 5 or 6 litre engines, some as much as 8 litre, so petrol consumption is very poor. Also, diesel cars are almost non-existent over there, so it's petrol only. With the current exchange rate, you'll find the cost per UK gallon equivalent, taking into account the relatively poor fuel economy, isn't going to be much different to here. It will be cheaper, but nowhere near as much as people think.

    A tip though - over there, you have to pay for your fuel up front, rather than fill up then go to pay. So you drive up to a pump and then go and pay for what you want and then they will activate the pump and as you get to within around $1 of the amount you want, the flow will reduce to a snail's pace until you reach your amount. That's a bit frustrating as it takes longer to refuel. If you can't get all the fuel into the tank that you've paid for, just go back inside and they'll refund the excess. There's also a little latch on the pump handle so you can wedge the trigger on and leave the handle in your fuel cap filling while you go and get a drink or snack in the shop. But beware - there are plenty of videos on YT showing people driving off with it still in the fuel tank!
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    Amazing price! Bear in mind you'll all be in 1 room so once you have the children in bed you'll be in the same room. Wouldn't bother me at this price but something to consider.
    Are you politely saying, "no hanky panky"
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    I can honestly say this is worth buying & not even doing Disney. Use this as a base, hire a car and Florida has so much to offer other than Disney / SeaWorld etc

    Replying to

    Kennedy space center. Daytona beach, Clearwater, Tampa. Busch Gardens (imo a better theme park than Disney!) Everglades, Lego Land. Loads & loads to do on International Drive!

    So much you could easily have a chilled two weeks with enough activities throughout.

    Ask anyone who has ever done Disney, Universal, SeaWorld & all the other parks etc - Two weeks feels very rushed, this would make a nice alternative

    I hope you have fun
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    If kids are NOT vaccinated what can you do
    Get them vaccinated.
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    Anybody dawdling on this I would say DO IT. Went 2yrars running to this hotel and though its basic etc etc there's loads of eateries around Lake Beuna vista to walk to. Didn't get a car as free buses most days but we used Uber everywhere and whole fortnight came to around £240 . Obviously consider petrol inflation prices, yes even in the states. Tbh if not away right now I'd have booked this already
    Agree i have stayed in this hotel 4 times it used to be called clarion inn ....the area is quieter and has loads of restaurants nearby ...disney springs and sea world is not too far off
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    I am in Florida now on holiday with 2 kids, neither are vaccinated. Nobody even checked our vaccination status or covid tests on entry either
    Must be boring then if you're on here lol...
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    Tui, so a fortnight at Birmingham airport then!
    Just flew Birmingham with TUI only2 days ago and yes it was busy as hell but no delays, no problems other than the queues for Costa and Pret. Just busy for some reason. No staff shortages I could see
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    Yeah this is 65 miles away and 1hr 32min vs 1 hour and 32 miles from Sandford so alot further
    I'm sure 32mins is off putting.
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    The getting there isn't the expensive part nowadays it's the parks, eating, and spending money that kills you.

    For the people saying Florida has so much more to offer than the parks, your 100% correct, but it's like going to Vegas and saying your not gonna gamble, good luck telling the kids.

    Replying to


    Assuming you are a family of 4. All theme park tickets - Disney, universal etc plus food drink and other treats - you would be looking close to £6k as estimate
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    We are in Orlando now nearly finished 14 day holiday, done all the parks which were booked ages ago. It’s really expensive to eat, supermarkets are crazy. Going to Aldi for basics is ridiculous it’s cheaper to eat out at local places but generally it’s like Monopoly money for most things. A large bag of crisps in Publix is 5 dollars which is about £4.50. I would say it’s not worth it atm unless you budget massively and your wife isn’t a Disney loon. ;0)
    Ummm dude, you’re shopping at all the expensive places. we just came back and got all our water and snacks, things to make sandwiches with in target and Walmart and we saved a fortune🙃
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    Yeah I was going to hire a car and with the fuel cost it will soon add up
    So don’t hire a cat
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    Is it all inclusive? Good price if food included 😬
    Yes, they also pick you up from the airport in a Limo and get unlimited Disney and universal parks free
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    Me and my 10 year old just got back from here at the weekend. Brilliant price - we couldn't get to Spain for this price. The parks are all expensive but it would be worth going and just sitting by the pool! American isn't cheap anymore but we shared meals so wasn't too bad!

    Replying to

    Buy a super size and you've got a family meal.
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    Crazy price!
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    is 7 nights long enough to do florida if you're not particularly bothered about the theme parks?
    Nope. There are loads of things in Florida to go and have a look at. State wildlife parks, non-touristy beaches, rivers and springs to visit. Old, pre-Disney tourist attractions like Citrus Tower. Loads if places. It's a bit like asking if you can do the UK in a week. It depends on what you want to see and do. (edited)
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    Is it not possible to get these prices without kids?
    You can take 2 of mine if needed 🏻
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    if only, my wife is not vaccinated long story i cant go this is a bargain!!!.... Going to spain guys which place to you reccomend Seville or Mallorca
    Menorca is even better than Mallorca and I've been to Mallorca many times
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    Not in school holidays, cold
    It is in Scotland, yippee. Heat
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    Looks like an awful hotel.
    1. Its not to chill in during the day. Just rest your head when you arrive in evening.
    2. Flights are so ridiculously cheap for this period you could just use the flights and leave the hotel alone.
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    Great deal, can only do 1 week holiday this year and was looking at Spain. Last holiday we had was 2 weeks at a Villa in Orlando in 2019 so tempting. Could just do one or two parks this time and visit Clearwater again if I hired a car. That said, could just use the I-ride up and down International Drive. Says includes transfers too
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    Shame it's only Birmingham, what about the rest of the UK
  24. Avatar
    And you get to fly on the Dreamliner. Beautiful plane. They're dressed it up Star Wars style last time we went, for the geeks among us
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    do you need a car when visiting this hotel or is transport links ok (for anyone who has been here)?
    No car = stay on drive, Rosen Pointe.
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    The USA is very very expensive right now unbelievable prices compared to 2019 …and the exchange rate is tupence I would stay away and go to Spain …that’s what I am doing
    2014 rates were good, looks like last 3 or 4 years it's been 1.2 - 1.3 to the £.
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    Thanks OP, I've booked 10 days from Bristol, stopping at the Rosen Inn International Drive for £600 each in the school holidays so well chuffed at that price as it includes transfers too. Spain for a week was coming out at a lot more. Will probably just do one or two parks this time as went in 2013, 2016 and 2019 and will try and do some other stuff that we haven't done before as we have always been rushing around a park a day. Be nice to relax a bit more this time. (edited)
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    What a cracking price!

    Warning for anyone who hasnt been for a few years, we are just back from the US and the prices on everything have shot WAY up. I was shocked by how much certain things have increased in price, sadly seems to be the norm everywhere. Will be a VERY expensive holiday.
    To be fair, prices started shooting up significantly, way back in 2008 when the financial crash occurred.

    I was living in the USA from 2001 and it was very reasonably priced, at that point in time.

    I can still recall being thrilled at filling my car up for $13 in Orlando!

    My ex asked me, back in 2016, "why are things so cheap here in the UK?"

    I said, "it's not that it's cheap here, it's because the USA has become so much more expensive than it was".

    Goodness knows how bad it is right now though. There's no way I'd be paying $100's to stand in ridiculously long queues, at the theme parks, especially now that summer is pretty much here.

    October through April is the best time of year to visit Florida, in my opinion at least
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    If I can give a bit of advice for anybody staying at a hotel along I4 (Interstate 4) - try to get a room that's on the opposite side of the building to the highway.

    Back in October 2001, I spent a couple of weeks at the Homewood Suites at Lake Buena Vista (same locale as this offer) while commuting to Lakeland for work. Thought it would be a great idea to stay up in the tourist area for the social life.

    The first night at the hotel, I had to sleep in the bathroom, as the ambient noise from the highway (motorway) was incredibly loud. There must have been some sort of construction joint in the road surface, as trucks continually banged over it.

    I was moved to the other side of the hotel the following day and slept like a baby for the remainder of my stay,
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    If anyone is unsure when the kids break up for the summer, just scroll through the calendar on the website and you will soon see.
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    This deal is insane. Kids break up on July 19th approx and some of these deals leave like 15th. Miss one or two days for a ridiculous school holiday price.
    Usually schools send out attendance reports the week before the last week so it won’t even flag anywhere as absent.
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    Prices were already creeping up before the pandemic. Grocery prices had gone up massively and it's even worse now. Car hire prices are absolutely ridiculous at the moment and the exchange rate is pants.

    That being said, I'd still go now if I wasn't banned, being part of the great unwashed. I had literally just purchased Universal annual passes before the pandemic which I haven't been able to use.
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    If I wasn't already going, this would be booked now
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    Hotel looks like it’s in the 80s
    As do 90% of the hotels in Orlando.
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    Great price
  37. Avatar
    excellent price, but when you add in £700 each for park combo tickets, and food, it goes mental
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    God I'd love to but already have non refundable holiday to Mallorca all inclusive. No cancellations or I would have done it!
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    Crazy price!
    Fabulous find!
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    I paid more for one adult and one child, flights only to Rome over the jubilee weekend. Great deal.