14 pack of bacon - £1.59 @ Lidl

14 pack of bacon - £1.59 @ Lidl

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14 pack of bacon smoked or unsmoked


14 packs of bacon for £1.59 !!! :w00t:

Or is that 14 rashes per pack :whistling:

Love chowing down on swine ,cheers.

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ok rashers lol

mmmmm bacon!

Could kill a bacon sarnie now!!!

Voted cold...Think of the poor chickens...oh wait this isnt the egg thread so its all good :P

(Voted hot as I love bacon, although I have had to cut it out of my diet :()



Water content?

:santa: (sorry this guy looked lonely)


Good old XKCD


Rindless...ewwWater content?

If you are going to make posts with no information, then at least give us a running start at guessing what you are on about!.

What is so "eww" about rindless. Most people nowadays would moan about rind being on!

What about water content then?
It will be marked on the pack, the precise ingredients list isn't often included on deals on here, so that's hardly unusual. There are Regulations that have to be met just like any packed bacon, so most people take it on that basis. Even if no water is declared, bacon has water in it, it is only EXTRA water above a regulated amount that would be shown on any pack.

I really fancy a bacon and egg sarny now :roll:

im gona do one now yum yum

I can't really recommend this bacon.
It has a lot of water and that "white stuff" come out of it.
A bit tasteless too.
Much better to buy the Milton Gate bacon, when that's on offfer.
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