1408 - Director's Cut Edition DVD £2.99 @ Amazon & Play
1408 - Director's Cut Edition DVD £2.99 @ Amazon & Play

1408 - Director's Cut Edition DVD £2.99 @ Amazon & Play

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1408 - Director's Cut Edition DVD £2.99 @ Amazon & Play - Stars John Cusack & Samuel L. Jackson

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The 15 rating given to 1408 belies this film's truly terrifying effects on its audience. Though it's far less gory than its peers, it has frightening moments and a creepy mood throughout. John Cusack (IDENTITY) plays Mike Enslin, a gifted writer who has turned his talents to paranormal travel books. His stays in haunted hotels never shake him, but he's intrigued by New York's Dolphin Hotel. Room 1408 has been the site of dozens of deaths, and this is a selling point for the sceptic in Mike. Despite the warnings of the hotel manager (Samuel L. Jackson, BLACK SNAKE MOAN), Mike resolves to stay in the haunted room. No one has lasted more than an hour in 1408, and Mike has his work cut out for him. Though Cusack got his acting pedigree in comedies, he proves he's able to adeptly carry a horror film. He occupies practically every frame of the film, often alone, and he's great at making the audience share in his fear. This is the second English-language film from director Mikael Hafstrom (DERAILED), and he does a good job of establishing tension. A lot of the credit is due to the film's sound crew, whose detailed work goes far in giving 1408 its unsettling feeling. Like THE SHINING, this is based on the writing of horror maestro Stephen King, and it's a similarly creepy tale set in a hotel. But in its execution, 1408 is far more indebted to classic horror films such as the original 1963 version of THE HAUNTING.


Really liked this movie! Heat added

This is a really good film. I don't understand the negative reviews or press. It's fun.

+1 for a very good film.

love this !

which ending is this one?

Ridiculous movie. Very disappointing.

Love this film, yeah gets a bit stupid at times but the majority is good.

"We've only just begun"


Loved this film, very very eerie, loved the aircon man giving him instructions on how to fix it from the doorway. Very clever film esp the ending


which ending is this one?

The crap ending...

I ended up getting the region 1 disc with the original 'cinema' ending. He lives and he gets back with his wife iirc.


poor film

One of the best Stephen King books -> film ever made in my opinion. Stupid at times but remains creepy and entertaining.

Take the money, put it in the bin and cut out the middle man!! Not to mention saving yourself the time you'd waste watching this crap!
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