140L Multi Purpose Compost @ Asda

140L Multi Purpose Compost @ Asda

LocalFound 28th Mar 2009
I have just been to my local Asda in Slough and they are selling two 70L bags of multi purpose compost for just £6! They also have 10L bags for £1!
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4 for £12 in wyevale as well.
is this asda own brand compost?
now thats a load of crap ! :w00t::w00t:
15l bags in £1land
insane price that!!!
20l is £1 at instore/poundstretcher, 40l is under £2.
billy bronco;5061093

now thats a load of crap ! :w00t::w00t:

No, that is a load of peat (bulked out with wood chippings). You are thinking of manure.

insane price that!!!

I know this is better if you only need 2 bags, but the 4 for £12 deal at wyevale has been going on for a quite a while now.
Got 4 bags yesterday for £12, good price!
Poundstretcher's stuff is crap. Mine even had some broken glass in it...
poundlands is crap too, i used some and water took aaaages to drain
Best trick for compost is to buy growbags, normally about 30 litres, which usually works out less than the big bags, or say 60L

In some shops, 30L growbags are £1-20, but 60L bags £3-50

Just do the maths and get the best price / litre
Got 4x 70L bags at Wickes last week in store for £11.52:roll:
I was in Aldi this evening and they were selling 40L bags of compost for something like £2.27. Their website shows they'll be selling 20L bags of compost for 99p starting on Thursday.

That's dirt cheap!
wickes has 38 litre grow bags for around £1.27ish, which is what we bought
Buy a pallet !
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