Posted 18 December 2022

Unleaded Petrol £1.449p plus 5p Nectar offer @ Leatherhead Esso Hylands

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About this deal

Perfect for filling your Christmas tank

Super cheap prices at Esso Hylands Garage KT23 4RQ

3 miles off M25 J9 - factor 20p/mile extra journey into saving


- at cashier they also offer 5p litre discount when trade in 300 nectar points (promo label seen on pin reader device) - cost £1.50 so worthwhile for 30 litres plus
- half the pumps are diesel and super unleaded only, so cast a keen eye for the cheap (95) green unleaded pump when pulling up

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    For those local to Costco they probably have the cheapest fuel. Filled up on petrol yesterday @ 135.9/L
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    Driving all over the place, waiting in the queues, wasting time and extra fuel, in order to save £3. Laughable.
    Just fill it when you exit with your shopping! For god sake.
    For 5p difference, when filling 50 litres, you will save £2.50. Way to go! Waste your life looking to save pennies.
    Just do 1 hour of overtime and you don't have to compare fuel prices for months! 1 hour! (edited)
    You're not getting the point.
    If people continue to do what you suggest it'll never come down.
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    Tesco at Shannon's Corner ( New Malden)was still £1.54.9 on Wednesday and £161.9 for momentum. (edited)
    There is a few places in the area selling unleaded at £1.56 a litre!
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    To make the Nectar deal work it is capped at 60litres for the 5p litre discount, so really you need an Esso with the cheapest fuel in the area + fill 60 litres to take a further £3 off (bearing in mind those points had a value of £1.50 anyway)...
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    Good to see fuel prices finally falling.
    The petrol price app is really useful to see
    local prices

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    You lost me at super cheap, it's still 15p+ overpriced... Being cheaper doesn't equate being super cheap unfortunately.

    Costco prices are where we need to be if not lower.
    Lower, they've colluded and milked it for long enough. The ride is over.
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    Paid £1.369 petrol on Thursday evening in Galashiels, Scotland and Diesel was £ 1.569 your still being overcharged.
    I’ll just pop up to Scotland grab a deal! Your new income tax rates makes a longer stay less appealing
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    The vast majority of non supermarket and non BP forecourts here in N.Ireland are 139 atm, I got 134 a few days ago
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    Literally up the road from Bocketts Park Farm if fancy an excellent kids day out by the way come on Markus Rasherford!
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    Is there diesel there? So many places in the area are out of diesel.
    There was Saturday when I went. All available. No idea if 166.9p Diesel is a good price. What with ulez expansion the black pump generally indicates dark times ahead around this way
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    Heat from me. Thank you.
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    5p off for nectar points won't work if you have a Wex esso fuel card(available free via blue light card a while back)but said card gives you 4p a Ltr off diesel,3p unleaded,so if using factor that in to the price you pay at the pump.
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    Not bad considering the location
    Still being ripped off
    Price of oil had plummeted
    Below $ 75 / barrel as of today
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    It's always the cheapest in the area, but it's very tight in space and no place to queue. I prefer nearby BP which keeps prices at a similar level.