1450 Pressure Washer only £ 24.99 at Maplins

1450 Pressure Washer only £ 24.99 at Maplins

Found 30th Jan 2008
I was looking for a cheap and cheerful one and came across this...Seems a steal
· makes light work of laborious cleaning jobs in and around the garden · great for cleaning vehicles, patios, stonework and garden machinery · keeps your outdoors in spring clean condition all year round...
L85BR 1450 Pressure Washer
WAS £29.99 SAVE £5.00 121 in Stock £24.99

* my first post so go easy. also free del. if spending over £35.00 and Maplins do further discounts if spending over £ 50 / £ 100.00


Might last longer than the junk from Tesco. These things blow all the time.

These cheap pressure washers are great for washing the car - I use one I bought a year or so ago for under £20 in my local Woolworths sale - but I wouldn't count on them for patio cleaning. The pumps are probably plastic and not up to or heavy duty use.
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