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1.4kg smoked / unsmoked gammon £3.85 / £2.75kg @ Sainsburys

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    Links show this as £5.50 a kilo. Is this an instore only offer? Thanks
    Refresh the page, the hukd links mess with it, shows on the app as £2.75 a kilo also

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    Cheapest pig I've seen this year. Heat from me OP.
    Have you B & M? They do some very cheap packs of pig
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    Hang on a minute, are you Roger Waters in real life?
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    When from?
    They're online now until the 31st (edited)
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    Definitely £7.70 (5.50/Kg)
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    There seems more gammon, less turkey around this year. At 2.75 per kg it could be your most cost-effective meat option for Christmas Day.
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    Didn't expect to see a picture of Farage
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    Bought the large one on half price this week with a good January date wish I’d got a couple now
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    Mine is showing £7.70 (£5.50kg) just tried to add it to my online shop. I've refreshed it a few times?
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    full price instore today £7.70
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    Strange how people are saying it's full price, my delivery is booked for the 22nd so maybe they're reducing them then.

    Got 4 on my order anyway.

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    I tried to get the large one being sold at half price. I went to my large store last Friday morning, only to find out that all of the fridges (and quite a few freezers) - apart from the ones containing dairy - butter, spreads, yoghurts, milk, etc, had no items in them. The blinds had been pulled down on them - I was told that the fridges and freezers were not set at the right temperature and that they had to remove all of the food products as it was not safe to sell them.
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    Cant find it
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    These things are disgusting, why would you want a formed meat joint?
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    Ahh ok, think ive figured it out. If i look now, without booking a slot it shows at £7.70, however, i booked a c+c slot for 24/12 & the price lowers to £3.85, so obviously the offer is coming, just not tomm (my guess is Tues as i think thats when they change a lot of the prices) Thanks for heads up, heat added
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    Just had the debate in-store with checkout operator, supervisor, and manager earlier this morning (19/12/2022) about the validity of the offer today. No joy, despite the website stating the offer is available in-store from today as per the attached screenshot. Complaint email submitted! 49086529-KSviM.jpg (edited)
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    Got these delivered today, £3 85 as stated.

    Pretty well trimmed with hardly any rind and just a thin layer of fat

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