15 bottles of wine (red, white or mixed) plus a free corkscrew worth £29.99 for £39.99 + p&p

15 bottles of wine (red, white or mixed) plus a free corkscrew worth £29.99 for £39.99 + p&p

Found 29th Sep 2008
Okay, so the price of the corkscrew might be inflated - but it does look a decent kinda corkscrew........ and I'm no wine buff so I don't know what quality these wines are, but...... it still seems are pretty good deal if you're looking at stocking up for the fast approacing festive season......?? Take a look........


Saw this on TV this morning.

I don't trust anything sold during Daytime TV.

Laithwaites are a good company to get wine from, the quality is usually fine.

The corkscrew actually works well as well (I switched case deals with them a few months back and got the corkscrew for doing so). It comes with a spare screw part too, so it should be good for a long time.

your next case is 69.99 plus delivery
its their 4 seasons offer you get a case every 3 months its up to you to tell them you dont want it

Just beware if you take up this offer, it's the same principal as buying CDs via Brittania, they may want a damn good reason to let you cancel...

Ive had one of these sent to me via email was thinking of taking the offer up. but after reading this not so sure!

i am with them for the 4 seasons deal
the wine is usually of a good standard but as supermarkets fight for your custom you can usually pick up a similar standard for the same or even less money
i stay with them cos i usually forget when its due and then its a nice surprise

Have "joined" and "rejoined" Laithwaites quite a few times and had absolutely no problems cancelling membership. Had some excellent wines too.
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