15% for nus students at hmv

15% for nus students at hmv

Found 16th Mar 2007
1 week only, hmv are giving students with a valid nus card 15% off all their products, usually it is 10% so an extra 5% off than usual for one week, offline promotion only so get down to your closest store.
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You shouldnt need an NUS card at all.

I got my HMV discount card with just my Univerity's matriculation card. Nothing to do with the NUS.
Handy since you have to pay for the NUS cards i think, when the Uni gives ya your card free.

Should be good, as 15% off, and then Quidco at up to 10% :thumbsup:

Should be good, as 15% off, and then Quidco at up to 10% :thumbsup:

Not offline only it isn't.
God ma heids away wi it today.

Still works out cheaper buying online then with the discount and Quidco together.
10% then 10%CB ends up cheaper than a straight 15%.
Most the stuff in the shops a couple pound dearer usualyl anyway.
According to the message I was sent, it is only NUS Extra cards that will get you the 15% discount: ]http//ww…mv/ for the promotional period.

NUS Associate or other student ID + HMV Student Card will continue to give 10% off and NUS Extra will return to the same amount after 25 March.

I agree that website + QuidCo is generally going to work out better but I may use it to get a magazine I'd otherwise get from WHSmith (unless another Clubcard bonus point coupon appears).
Damn students!
Quite cheeky that they make it only the NUS Extra card that costs £10
And totally ignore all the other folk with just the normal NUS cards.
Oh ok so that's not such a great promotion then. Was in the HMV Meadowhall Sheffield earlier, got Bruce Lee's Fist of Fury on DVD for £4, +10% student discount=£3.60.
Also the Nintendo Wii was instock but I don't think you can get discount for that.
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