15 Fosters (440ml) £8 @ Netto

15 Fosters (440ml) £8 @ Netto

Found 5th May 2015
Netto are doing an offer on 15 cans of Fosters for £8 from 7th May ending either 13/5/15 or 14/5/15 (not sure what date they swap deals over) Cheapest i can find big supermarkets doing it for is £11.50 or two packs for £18.50.

Edit: Have seen Tesco doing 20 for £11 and weirdly 15 for £11.50 or two for £18.50 so Netto deal still works out cheaper.
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Hot just for the mention of Netto!
Never knew they still existed?
Me either, we don't have a local one unfortunately, we were just passing and popped in to Ormskirk branch (think thats quite small though but not been in one for years to compare it). Not bad but not as good as Aldi in the battle of the budget supermarkets.
Good price,just spent £10 at my local spar
Heat for the price Hubby won a 15 pack in a raffle and no one will drink it.

Hot just for the mention of Netto!Never knew they still existed?

They got out of the UK a few years back my local Netto became an Asda now they seem to be making a comeback i can remember in my youth there used to be a real stigma if your parents shopped in Netto you were seen as too poor and gross to afford "proper" food from tescos

anyway if you like Fosters good deal i however think Fosters tastes like p***
Netto are back in a joint venture with Sainsburys. Having a bit of a trial period at the moment. Netto's mistake was not to stick it out a bit longer until these budget shops suddenly became fashionable, so they are having another go.

Fosters not very good even for generic lager, but it's about the price so hot.

Thank u my local co op is going to be a netto in the next few months also have a netto about 15 mins from me so will stock up from there xx
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