15 Giant Goliath OT Lilies £14.97 @ jparkers.co.uk +3.99 P&P

15 Giant Goliath OT Lilies £14.97 @ jparkers.co.uk +3.99 P&P

Found 13th Jan
This one caught my eye, the lilies look outstanding! Use code PH0117 to get £5 off minimum spend £10 (that's a zero not an O!)

A new collection of Goliath OT Lilies, a hybrid between Oriental and Trumpet Lily bulbs that reach as much as 2.5m tall and each bulb will produce as many as 40, 20cm diameter flowers. Plant at the back of a border where the majestic pink flowers can tower over your flower beds and perennials. Giant 18cm+ bulbs supplied. You will receive 3 each of Honeymoon (yellow), Miss Feya (pink), Robert Swanson (yellow), Anastasia (pink) and Miss Lily (purple).



I swear I read 15 giant lollies

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that was a stroke of genius calling the purple one Miss Lily

The code worked for £5 off my order of fruit trees. Thank you OP.
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