1.5 Metre x 45cm x 45cm Poly Tunnel Cloche (Mini Garden Green House) only £1 instore @ Poundland

1.5 Metre x 45cm x 45cm Poly Tunnel Cloche (Mini Garden Green House) only £1 instore @ Poundland

Found 14th Apr 2009
Excellent Seeding Protection - Keeps birds & pests Away
Tunnel forms a complete barrier to repel pests and retains moisture and air generating maximum warmth
The subsequent humid environment is ideal for warming the soil before planting out
Pot Plant Protection
Early Planting Out
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saw these yesterday, seems a good deal!

saw these yesterday, seems a good deal!

Just set mine up and it seems fine. All my seed trays are sitting happily underneath. You press the wire side hoops into the soil to stop it from blowing away.
How wide is it?
Got three of these now, they're just plastic sheeting and metal wires, but they do the job pretty well. I've already got some beans and salad on the go with them. Great deal

They also have fleeces for tomatoes and other veg as well
Excellent deal, bough 7 of these last week for my vege patch. If you look on eBay, people are charging a fiver for the exact same product. Thats how I found out poundland had them, I recognised their branding.. lol
Is the plastic strong enough to use year after year if handled carefully?

And do the ends stay open?
I used these a few years ago (from Poundland) and they were pretty good. I found the slightly rusting wires last weekend and they were still as strong as ever. I didn't keep the platic but I think it should be good for a couple of years.

The ends don't close but I used to cut a short piece of wire and scrunch the end up and this did the job just fine. And for £1 I think you'll struggle to get a getter deal.
Bought one last week in Swansea poundland. It'sS £1. Don't ask so many questions, you get what you pay for! However, it deos the job so why pay more? Worth posting OP.
Sounds good, must check these out.
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