15" Mezco Childs Play Chucky Doll - with Sound....Wannna Play??? £61.56 @ Amazon

15" Mezco Childs Play Chucky Doll - with Sound....Wannna Play??? £61.56 @ Amazon

Found 1st Dec 2016
In stock! Re-issued by Mezco - Dispatched from and sold by Amazon. Next Day on Prime!

Good Guy Chucky doll - £61.56 (Yellow Good Guys Box)


Chucky has lots to say, from his trademark My name is Chucky to far more sinister phrases. Chucky stands 15 tall and features real cloth Good Guys clothing, 11 points of articulation and his trademark orange hair and realistic glass-like eyes.

Bride of Chucky doll - £63.40


Scarred and battle-damaged look...people have tried to destroy him in 6 Child's Play films so far....Trademark outfit slashed, face mauled. With seven spine-chilling phrases pulled directly from the films,this Chucky is guaranteed to thrill. Chucky features realistic glass-like eyes,and a (plastic) knife that he issure to use for no good.

Each Chucky comes packaged in his own collector friendly,film-inspired window box. Remember,he’s your friend to the end!

In case you want Tiff (not on sale, £72.99): amazon.co.uk/d/F…V4/
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Oh my goodness the nightmares this used to give me as a kid oO

Oh my goodness the nightmares this used to give me as a kid oO

Exactly same for me. This is one of them items if you don't want a person entering the room place the doll there
Only fond memories for me - Mancave essential X)
Bought for 4 year olds chrimbo thanks
hahaha it's has to be hot!
Just need a damien doll with red eyes now lol oO
really expensive for a doll that's not even been out this decade
utter ****
don't x@$£ with the chuck!
looks nothing like him, or a good guy doll....(what's with the forehead???)
defo recommend for 6 year olds if you want bedtime to become even worse!

Bought for 4 year olds chrimbo thanks

She'll love it. mine was screaming with joy when I showed her mine.
Pathetic copy, eyes are totally wrong. Would have thought copying a doll would have been easier
Lol didnt think this would go this cold, but each to their own and that. The Mezco line Chucky was/is highly rated and a worthy addition to anyone's collection, the detail used on eyes is one of the best bits, proper menacing looking.

If your looking at these for first time and glancing just the amazon pic.....they dont do it justice at all, check out some of the beauty shots from the Mez website...

Sneering Chuck - mezcotoyz.com/chi…oll
Good Chuck - mezcotoyz.com/chi…oll
Scarred Chuck - mezcotoyz.com/meg…cky
Tiff - mezcotoyz.com/chi…oll

Pricewise, prob as cheap as they have ever been. When out of production, prices soar loads (doubles not unrealistic), even ones sold on ebay just recently have all been higher

Hopefully a few chuck fans grab1 - 7th installment drops...fingers crossed 2017 too

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