15% off all Lego Minecraft @ Argos Minecraft The Farm £21.24

15% off all Lego Minecraft @ Argos Minecraft The Farm £21.24

Found 22nd Nov 2014
My little one just ask if she can have some Lego Minecraft for xmas and just seen that Argos has 15% off at the moment

LEGO® model number: 21114

Theme: LEGO Minecraft.
Size H19.1, W35.4, D5.9cm.
For ages 8 years and over.
Manufacturer's 2 year guarantee.
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surely this is covered on the 15% off toys at Argos deal?
This is the beginning of many Argos 15% off toys post i suspect
This is out of stock pretty much everywhere. Cold.

This is the beginning of many Argos 15% off toys post i suspect

the mods need to get on it before they take over the board, the best prices items are likely to be OOS by now anyway as we are already seeing
If you want this for regular price, checking Sainsburys stores are probably your best bet. I've seen the farm and cave in at least three stores recently.
Checked argos for over 3 weeks and they were never in stock so I bought direct from lego via amazon for full price rather than have a disappointed kid at Christmas.
15% off stock they don't even have. The Argos business model is simply appalling. They rarely have anymore than a few items of any lego set in stock in stores. And they have this Lego Minecraft 15% offer on with full awareness there is next to no stock available. This is the norm for them really, fantastic half price offers on thin air are frequently available from them. It is disgracefull really and surprising that trading standard or whatever appropriate body let them away with their charlaton business practices. Not a fan of Argos and tend to avoid even attempting to buy lego on offer from them as it a waste of time 99% of the time. Lets not also forget Argos are well known for badly packaging their lego, a bin bag type material is the norm for sending online orders! cccccccold.
Great if you can get stock, can only get ender dragon but i have 2 kids, might just leave it till more stock comes in and pay extra
its 24.99 in lego store so still a decent price!
When Argos did the 3 for 2 someone pre ordered all of their minecraft lego at our local store and is now selling it on Facebook.
Total joke ... Agree authorities should investigate Argos. I just checked 25 Argos stores and zero in stock. Time wasters ... Are they going out of business or trying it on with these non existent deals?
None near me. Ordered with Asda for full price.
i got it from argos yesterday
I pre ordered yesterday picked it up today
This is also avaliable with amazon for the same price if anyone is looking for it. May not be a fantastic price but saved a few pounds as my son wants this for Christmas :-)
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