15% off all Petrol Lawnmowers
15% off all Petrol Lawnmowers

15% off all Petrol Lawnmowers


B&Q have a special promotion - not sure how long for but appears to be just in stores for 15% off all petrol lawnmowers starting today - we managed to get 25% off here's how.
I was in my local B&Q store last night looking for a petrol lawnmower - just as we were looking one of the assistants was putting up flashes stating 25% off all petrol lawnmowers, great so we picked one and put it in a trolley. We even spoke to him and said thats a good deal. As we were pottering around making sure we'd got the correct one,10 minutes later he was taking them all down and replacing them with 15% ones, apparently they had been sent the wrong flashes.
We quickly went to the checkout where I argued the point with a manager that when I put it in my trolley it was 25% off!, got £50 off so very pleased. if you are after a lawnmower anyway worth checking out if your shop has realised the mistake yet! Failing that you could get 15% off.

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