Found 17th Dec 2010
Quidco are doing 15% OFF AV RECIEVERS @BESTBUY + 14.89 QUIDCO CASHBACK on pioneer, yamaha & onkyo recievers



Pioneer VSX920 AV Receiver

As well as improving your home cinema experience, the Pioneer VSX920 AV receiver works wonders with your music.

The Pioneer VSX920 ‘Works with iPhone', so you can attach your iPhone or iPod to the USB port on the front of the system and play your portable music out loud. Not only that, but the Pioneer VSX920 actively enhances your digital music with its Advanced Sound Retriever technology, which restores lost data in compressed music files. Your iPhone will charge at the same time as you're listening to your music, and you can view album artwork on your TV screen too.

Another thing the Pioneer VSX920 improves is the quality of your DVDs, by upscaling them to HD-quality 1080p. Blu-ray films are already HD-quality, but the Pioneer VSX920 unlocks their true potential, with Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Audio decoding. You can even add an extra dimension to your home cinema setup, with Dolby Pro Logic IIz giving you the option to add front high channels.

The Pioneer VSX920 has four 1.4a HDMI inputs, which work with 3D TVs, and an HDMI output, providing you with a neat and tidy way of connecting all your HD devices.

What’s in the box?

full specs and images here:

PS: this is my favourite one but the offer applies to YAMAHA and ONKYO

cheapest have seen online are hughes direct and richer sounds all @ £349

merry xmas everyone!!!


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Strange post, you cant have cashback and quidco its either one or the … Strange post, you cant have cashback and quidco its either one or the other.sorry wasn't concentrating with the first post, now edited. it's 15% off all av recievers with AV15 code + a further 14.89% cashback through quidco, verification here: [url=https://www.quidco.com/best-buy/?hoofuh#11272]Title says 15% off all av receivers but op lists a specific one, and title says 399, argh confused.

pioneer one was an example (the one i'am after) & £399.99 was price before the 29.89% is applied.

sorry for the confusion


Strange post, you cant have cashback and quidco its either one or the … Strange post, you cant have cashback and quidco its either one or the other.

No, it's both. A code to use on site for an immediate reduction and cashback will follow, same as it has with all their recent offers.


Works with iPhone lol

What dya mean?

Wow! That is some deal!

I've just run a dummy order for a Yamaha RX-V677 which I bought from them about a month ago at the listed price - less hopefully £52.50 Quidco [15%] which has tracked.

With this new deal, it would pan out at around £253 all in! Total bargin! :O

quidco.com/bes…fuh Clearly states that both discounts will apply.

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Can't understand why this is cold...

15% off AND 15% cashback... sounds good to me.
( I assume the Quidco will track at the reduced price, so it's not quite 30% discount)

can someone explain why it's not a good deal?

voted hot from me. good deal

lovely jubbly X) X) hve some heat....awesome deal!!!.....i wonder what speakers would go well with the...vsx-920k

Quidco will track at the price before discount so you will effectively get 30% off in total. Just bagged myself the Onkyo TX-SR508B AV Receiver will work out 196 pounds delivered next best I can find is 260 quid at richer sounds so this is very hot for me!

Now I just have to bag myself Q Acoustics 7.1 surround speakers!

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apologies to everyone, especially garbage456, my first posting for this thread wasn't concise enough, sorry

Such a shame the Denons aren't able to be bought online.

great offer heat from me

Shame they don't have the Yamaha 3067

Great deal though

i think this is an awsome thread and a bargain if you do get the pioneer 920 like im about too..£290 BARGAIN ...!!!

should be roasting in here cant understand why not.

i keep getting my payment details unsuccessfull message..will try different card tomorrow..

Brilliant. Heat Added. This thread should have easily reached a few thousand degrees. Some people don't understand value. Nearly 30% Discount on quality AV receivers are unheard of. Despite Quidco and Topcashback having problems, there is very rarely a NO payment, might mean a bit of hassle making a missing claim, but takes a few minutes and almost always shows up in the end (unless it's Vodafone, but hey that's another story).
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Has this voucher expired now? It says 31st here, but the Quidco site shows it as expired? It didn't work for me a few days back.
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