15% off bike sale starts Monday.

15% off bike sale starts Monday.

Found 24th Jun 2008
Made my first visit to the very impressive (huge) Edinburgh bike co-op shop in Newcastle today, thinking about buying myself the well rated 'Revolution Country Traveller', already a bargain for £399. (acording to the review).

I asked if they had any sales or discounts coming up and the helpful assistant said there was a 15% off sale starting Monday, but was vague about the details. (i don't know if it is covering all makes, models, sizes)

That means i should get £60 off the bike i want...so I am happy. He said they don't take orders over the phone, so I will be popping back in next week to order a new bike!
I know this is not a giveaway, but this is still early summer, and they have loads of great bikes!


Edinburgh bike normally have a good sale.

When you get a new bike - remember the new LED lights flash brightly enough to (make you) be seen during the day. The Cateye TL-LD1100 is probably the best light in its class and costs under 30 quid - but will cost less than a cheapo one over the year if you run it on rechargeables.

The sale is 15% off all Bikes, Clothing & Accessories at the Newcastle (Byker) store only.

Saturday 28th June to Sunday 6th July.

This could be a good deal for anyone local looking to buy - for example I've been lusting after the 2008 Specialized Pitch Pro for ages now and no-one's been discounting them yet from the standard price of £1399.

With the discount it would be circa £1190 which is a very HOT price.


Ooooohhhhhh the temptation....so many bike things to buy.

V. Hot
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