£15 Off Nike Air Pegasus+ 26 Running Shoes @ Sports Shoes+ 5% Discount Code
£15 Off Nike Air Pegasus+ 26 Running Shoes @ Sports Shoes+ 5% Discount Code

£15 Off Nike Air Pegasus+ 26 Running Shoes @ Sports Shoes+ 5% Discount Code

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Nike Air Pegasus+ 26 Running Shoes
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Nikes legendary shoe turns 26 years old. These shoes are for the runner seeking a great neutral shoe. Featuring Nike waffle outsole for great traction, Nike air in the midsole and soft crash pads for great impact protection. Nike+ enabled.


The 26th anniversary.... what a landmark.
These are overpriced to start with.

Cold from me

sounds like a good price to me. My neutral asics (nimbus) are a lot more expensive than this. May give them a go - anyone used them?

cold from me
expensive for very basic shoe.

if you're going to run, go to a proper running shop and ask them to test you for what trainers to wear.


i ended up with the above and never had a problem with my knees since

funny enough used these for running just now, and these are superb.

Heard the brooks are really good as well, but some review says they are a little heavier. There are other brands like asics, new balance which are good too for running.

Nike pegasus +26 are far from being a basic running shoe, these are part of the nike bowerman series. These are designed for comfort for a neutral stride runner, not really designed if u pronate or overpronate (u'll need a different pair depending on what type u are). The reason why these are comfortable is because they have a FULL length air sole unit embedded in the sole, and not just at the back. U can't see this inside but u will definitely be able to feel it, and obviously they take a lot of the shock going to your knee's.

They also have Nike+ enabled for instant workout feedback when used with either a Nike+ SportBand or an iPod� nano and Nike+ iPod Sport Kit (purchased seperately). With this u can keep track of ure progress.

these are much better than ure average £30-£35 trainer, not sure what the otherz are talking about. They don't see a air bubble so assumed its just a normal sole probably

As for the deal, neutral as u can purchase this instore and online @ sports direct

These are the same price (£55) instore and online @ sportdirect.for £55

agree with what akasmiler said. u need to know what suits u,
this is quite a good place:

also get some good running t-shirt and socks, yes socks, it really helps.

Hi, quick question re running shoes i'm planning on taking up running and am not sure how much to spend on a shoe.I'll be running on roads but doubt i'll be doing more than 3 miles at a time to begin with, should I invest alot to begin with or wait and see how see I take it?


hmm really depends what is a lot of money for u, and your own financial situation

if u are going to be doing running, then i would say about £50 would be reasonable, get trainers that have been discounted and not the newer colours, they usually offer the same technology but just a different colour.

First things first, go check out what your running stride is like and get expert advise. U may also want to invest in some running t-shirts (got mine for a £[email protected] decathalon), and socks.

Thanks I wasn't sure when you see all this advice given about having you foot type checked and whatnot,whether this is aimed at people looking to do marathons as opposed to those just looking to boost their fitness.

i use these trainers just for general fitness, not looking to do any marathons yet.

i'll just add - i used to do a lot of treadmill work at the gym and even a change in trainers can seriously help

that little niggle in your knee, wont be there if you're wearing the correct trainers


the above has a treadmill instore and they will film you and see how you run and help provide the best trainers for you

I damaged my MCL a while back and used to have a lot of niggles in my knee, and until i visited these and bought my brooks, i thought i was destined to have painful knees forever. This was not to be the case

re brooks, mine are not heavy at all, and i seriously would never think about buying another pair of running trainers from anyone else
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