15% off online insurance for Unison members
15% off online insurance for Unison members

15% off online insurance for Unison members

I thought I would only save a couple £ a month changing home insurance companies so haven't bothered looking much
but when my renewal came through at £47pm (560per year!!!) I thought it a good time to look around
I found the compair sites could get this down to £360per year but charged 20-30% APR

I then tried my union which gave me better cover with lower excess for £293 and 0% APR (after the 15% discount)

I wouldn't normally post savings like this but this was huge and put a big smile on my face, should more than cover the comming increase in Gas/Elec

PS I have absolutly nothing to do with Unison (other than a member) just really happy with my saving (£267!!!)


[SIZE=3]I use LV via Unison for car insurance (good for 2 years, now up for renewal, & gone THROUGH the roof despite me passing 50, and having a 100% good record! so doing my homework on this now, and beating the quote by up to 100quid elsewhere!!).

I did have a problem though, that the car insurance offered was actually NOT the same cover as that available to the public, although they swore blind it was it did not offer the same cover, even the company admitted it - so check, then double check first, in case this deal is the same, although I know it is a different company, it might be the same way they have struck the deal![/SIZE]

just get another quote from LV as a new customer from there website through the quidco link, probably get better deal/terms and £45 from quidco

good luck


I got good quotes from them for both my cars.

we had our house insurance with LV thru T&G union, and they were really cheap, but this year the renewal is twice the price of others and when I take Quidco into account, I am saving £150 by going elsewhere.


Yeah, I saved about £150 per car.
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