15 Storeys High complete series 1 & 2 - £10.99 @ HMV
15 Storeys High complete series 1 & 2 - £10.99 @ HMV

15 Storeys High complete series 1 & 2 - £10.99 @ HMV

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Next cheapest price is £15.97 @ Amazon.co.uk. This box set seems to have stayed around the £15-£17 mark for a while now and I have been waiting for the price to drop for months. Finally it happened so yeah, £10.99 is a bargain for this superb comedy in my opinion.


I have this, and it's great when it was first showed on the tele they stuck it on in bits and bobs.

This is well worth getting and very funny :-D

very dark and very funny series. Worth every penny of your 10.99


Probably the best british comedy ever !!

Yeah have to agree, it is very very funny!

^ what they said.

A good use 11 quid. :thumbsup:

Unless of course you have a Polish supermarket in your vicinity and want to spend it all on Blue rat (all the energy of a rat, trapped in a can).


I like the bit shot from above a video recorder, but below the TV of the woman stripping for the old man. And the fish sexing. And the rasta keep fit. And the poet. And the spatula in the drawer. And the ping pong brothers. And the pony. In fact, all of it.

Yeah, one of my favourites. They really REALLY should make a 3rd series.

one of the best series ever to grace TV imo!!

Quality series! very funny wish they would make a 3rd series!

This is so bought, been looking for this for ages. Every time I go into any HMV always find the little "15 Storeys High" card with no dvds behind it, always.

brilliant - I especially when Errol spent the day sexing fish.
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