15 Storeys High: Series 1 & 2 : 2dvd Box Set - £10.99 delivered @ HMV
15 Storeys High: Series 1 & 2 : 2dvd Box Set - £10.99 delivered @ HMV

15 Storeys High: Series 1 & 2 : 2dvd Box Set - £10.99 delivered @ HMV

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One of the BBC's cult TV comedies, this sharp and quirky series is written by and stars British Comedy Award winner Sean Lock. He's locked in a high-rise flatshare with another bloke on a South London council estate. But he's the landlord and his lodger Errol (Wong) is making his life a misery. What's more there are other hilarious oddball occupants in the block to contend with, from the wife-swappers and bible-bashers to the guy with a lodger of his own, a horse! Contains all six episodes from Series 1

Series Two: In a tower block on a council estate in South London, flat owner Vince takes in a new lodger, Errol. Its a big mistake. Errol is a nice, considerate, thoroughly decent bloke who has moved down to London and is working his way through a list of things he wants to achieve in life. (Number 36: drink a cappuccino, number 37: work with fish): Vince is the most sullen man in Britain who, having spent too much time living on his own, lacks both tolerance and social graces. A lifeguard at the local swimming pool, Vince takes great pride in being able to tell swimmers off for no reason and obtains his home decorating ideas from photos in Readers' Wives.
No regular visitors come to visit the two men, as Vince has no friends and Errol feels that any friendships he has made will be jeopardised by his landlord. But thats not to say there are no encounters. What with Rastafarians doing dub reggae workouts, men with Shetland ponies in their spare bedrooms, single mothers salsacising in their living rooms, and dope smoking teenagers inhabiting the lifts life is a constant whirl of social interaction. Of sorts.



Funniest comedy ever

"Blue Rat all the energy of rat in a can"

totally under rated sitcom. slow burner but once you are in, you are hooked. Sean Lock is brilliant

Peggy Bedford;7359889

"Blue Rat all the energy of rat in a can"


excellent series - well worth the money.

Almost as good as Peepshow

Man is a genius.

sean lock is one of my favourite comics and i havent seen this so thanks for posting



Peggy Bedford;7359889

Funniest comedy ever "Blue Rat all the energy of rat in a can"

Tinned puffin chunks too! And cream of porkpie soup; lets just hope that's as tasty as it sounds! All purchased from the Eastern European Supermarket that has opened in the disused cinema. No shelves, just piles of cheap food and they've kept the sloping floor so you don't have to push your trolley!

'Blue Rat' is my favourite episode (closely followed by 'The Model' & 'Pool Kids'), too many great lines to mention! I love it when Errol goes for a job as a 'walk-wipe' at Billingsgate fish market!


I already have this set but well spotted! I think I'll root mine out for a watch tonight; might as well seeing that the festive telly is sh*te!

Fantastically funny series. Needs far more publicity! Hot.
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