15 Storeys High: Series 1-2 Box Set (DVD) - £5 @ Amazon & Play

15 Storeys High: Series 1-2 Box Set (DVD) - £5 @ Amazon & Play

Found 11th Apr 2011
Found this by accident while following the link to Big Train. To be honest I don't remember much about this sitcom, but Sean Lock's a brilliantly funny guy when he's on form and you can't go wrong for a fiver for two series, can you? Here's what Amazon has to say about it.

"Two very different blokes. One small flat. One huge apartment block. It's bound to go wrong, isn't it? Especially when one is morose, sullen and mean-spirited and the other is a bright-eyed innocent with a lot to learn about life. Far from expressing the depressing and futile existence commonly associated with high-rises, 15 Storeys High reveals the many idiosyncrasies and hilarious antics of the diverse residents. There's the man who uses his pitbull as a dumbell, the table-tennis obsessed brothers, the over-the-hill punks and the country and western poet who also fixes washing machines. And of course there's South London's very own answer to the Odd couple, Vince and Errol: a match truly made in heaven. "
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Top watch. Heat!
Excellent series. Good find.
Excellent, this is never on sale, I paid about £17 for it last year.
this is an excellent series have some heat,good find
Top show, early Sean Lock but deadpan quality none the less

Great price too.
Hot from me, it's very good IMHO. I didn't realise S2 was available on DVD.
This is a great laugh this, I got it from love film on a blind watch and thought it was great
You probably won't remember much about it because BBC2 showed it at ridiculous times - later Sunday night/early Monday morning.

It is one of the best sitcoms of recent years though - a steal at a fiver.
Also £5 @ Play for those who use Quidco/ Topcashback.
fantastic series - what a bargain!!!
Must-see for all Sean Lock fans!
Blue Rat - All the energy of a rat, TRAPPED in a can.
Well worth a fiver of your cash.
Spot on deal - one of the best sitcoms of recent times, but not well known due to poor scheduling by the Beeb.
this was brilliant - am ordering now
One of the most underrated programmes that have ever been shown on tele. Brilliant viewing.
Watch the famous 'Blue Rat' episode in full here: (free)

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If you've never listened to the radio shows then get them, too. They're blindin'.
such a great show
Great find, I've bought this and big train in the last two days for a fiver each, HOT!!!
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