15 Storeys High Series 1 and 2 DVD less than half price £10.99 Play.com plus quidco
15 Storeys High Series 1 and 2 DVD less than half price £10.99 Play.com plus quidco

15 Storeys High Series 1 and 2 DVD less than half price £10.99 Play.com plus quidco

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15 Storeys High DVD: Series 1 & 2 (2 Discs) from Play.com

RRP £24.99 - less than half price with free shipping = £10.99 gross with further retrospective discount achievable as seller participates with Quidco

Possibly the funniest comedy ever.

Searched this product - previous HMV offer has since expired as is now £17.99.

15 Storeys High is the cult tv comedy series written by and starring stand-up comedian Sean Lock.
This comedy series follows the lives of two very different blokes who find themselves sharing a flat in a towerblock on a South London council estate. The flat's owner Vince (Sean Lock) takes in a new lodger - Errol (Benedict Wong) and it is not long before he realises he has made a dreadful mistake.

15 Storeys High also introduces us to some of the other towerblock occupants - wife-swappers, bible bashers, lap dancers, men who shout at the television and even a bloke who keeps a horse in his spare room.

This release features the complete first and second series.
- diGriz


Awesome, been waiting for this to drop below £18 for months and months! Thanks, ordered.

Also, for those without Quidco it's £10.97 at Amazon.

Original Poster Banned

I wish Sean Lock was my dad...or maybe just a crazed uncle I could spend my weekends with. Perhaps I'd have a better outlook on life.

One of the best comedy series ever made, no doubt.

Agreed, seriously amazing 'under the radar' comedy.

Fantastic sitcom!

Really like Sean Lock's humour but found this quite hit and miss - it's deliberately odd, obviously.
Prefer Lee Mack's 'Not Going Out' which is also hit and miss - what's with creating a sitcom in a tower block of flats?
Would like to see this repeated on TV

This is amazing. Ever since watching it i laugh at everything mundane that happens in my life, or when someone says something really average. Well worth buying HOT

Awesome... I love this show

Original Poster Banned

I just watched the episode where his flatmate starts peeling the wallpaper. I'm nearly crying here. "I've gone off milk".LMAO.

Excellent. Thank you.
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