£1.50 for 2 boxes of Quality Natural Food! Worth £5.98 with Graze. A Refreshing 75% Off - Healthy eating has never been so Easy & Delicious! @ Groupola

£1.50 for 2 boxes of Quality Natural Food! Worth £5.98 with Graze. A Refreshing 75% Off - Healthy eating has never been so Easy & Delicious! @ Groupola

Found 1st Jun 2010
£1.50 for 2 boxes of Quality Natural Food! Worth £5.98 with Graze. A Refreshing 75% Off - Healthy eating has never been so Easy & Delicious!

Graze.com aim to promote healthier breakfast, lunch or snack options for everyone. All food is 100% natural and every box is handpicked just for you - only the food you love will arrive through your door!

Save 75% with Groupola...

Just £1.50 for 2 boxes (usually £2.99 per box). Order tasty food online and get it delivered to your desk. With boxes containing everything from exotic goji berries to fresh pineapple & many other great treats inbetween - graze.com is all about making it easy to eat better at home, at work or on the move. It's an easy way to get more of your 5 a day.

The 100% healthy option we know is not for everyone, thats why Graze have adapted a range to accommodate all. So why not try the strawberries and cream with healthy white chocolate buttons?

Full Company Details:

You select what you like & love online, and graze.com deliver where and when you tell us to - whether you want a one-time box, a daily, weekly or special treat it's simple!

How will you Graze?

Eat more healthily - Grazing all day is a great way of getting more balance and variety by helping you eat plenty of healthy stuff.

All day energy - Grazing on natural whole food provides slow release all day energy and makes you feel great with or without lunch.

Get the most out of your workout - Grazeboxes are ideal if you are into fitness. Graze gives you extra energy, vitamins and minerals to supplement a healthy diet.

The finest quality natural food - If you're bored of the same old and enjoy tucking into incredible premium food then graze is perfect for you.

Treat yourself - Every graze box is a great surprise to brighten up any desk or perfect on the road!

Things to note:
Your voucher will arrive via email directly after the tipping point has been achieved & you can order your boxes straight away online!

The vouher code is valid for 3 months and is non transferable.



Healthy snacking to your heart's content! - The Sunday Times

It's a brilliant way to make up those 5 a day! - Evening Standard

Spot on service, no problems with deliveries and seriously tasty food. Oh & it fits in the mailbox. - PressPR


Please don't buy this, its only available for first time users. Better to grab a code of someone, which gets you the first free and the second half price anyway. Plus that gives the other person £1 off.

(I'm really annoyed at this fine print, its too early in the morning to get suckered.)

Or you can have the £1 yourself via Quidco.

I did sign up for this when you could get your first box free and the second for £1.50. It's a good product and service, but the portions are a little small sometimes for the price, but you're paying for convenience.

I did also happen across a bit of a trick to get a second free box:

If you sign up and select say.. the fruit pack... wait until that is delivered then cancel the order (say no when prompted to continue). Create another order for a new fruit pack and then instantly cancel it. You should then be prompted again with some questions about cancelling the service and one of the options asks if you would like to receive a free energy pack (or vice versa, depending on what you chose). I also found out that this free pack can include items that you chose under the 'send soon' function. So if you're receiving an energy pack but have selected some fruit to 'send soon', then you should get some more free fruit.

I did find this by accident myself, but other people I have told have used it and it has worked.

As mentioned above, you can use a referral code from somebody to get a free box and the second for £1.50 also, which saves going through a third party. If you want to try this, my code would be FRJCW9N - but this does give me £1 off my next purchase. If it is not allowed to post this here then please remove it from my post.

I have just tried the cancelling the order trick, and it's allowed me just a half price box rather than a free one. This will be my fourth box now. I get the nibble box fortnightly. If anyone wants my code to use for a free box it's HC5FVX83, but as Somnus says that gives me a £1 off my next box too.

Quidco currently do £1 cashback for signing up (where you get a free box) and then £1 cashback when you get your first full price box (£2.99), but your second box is half price at £1.49. So you technically end up spending £2.49 for 3 graze boxes, after cashback.
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