1500 Airmiles free with a £10 spend on a Lloyds Airmiles Duo card
1500 Airmiles free with a £10 spend on a Lloyds Airmiles Duo card

1500 Airmiles free with a £10 spend on a Lloyds Airmiles Duo card

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After spending £10 on the credit card you receive a voucher for 1500 Airmiles. This is enough for 2 return trips to zone 1 (e.g. Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels) or a single return flight to zone 2 (e.g. Barcelona, Lisbon and Prague). For more details on the zones, see the Airmiles site: airmiles.co.uk/tra…ist

NOTE: You are also required to pay for 1 night in a hotel at the destination using your Airmiles account. When I looked for places in Malta, there were single rooms in 4* hotels for as low as £30. Quite reasonable when you consider the flight's free! See here for hotel prices: airmiles.co.uk/tra…els


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Apologies if this is in the wrong section, it didn't seem like a freebie or a voucher though!

Edit: There seems to be a problem with the link, try this: airmiles.co.uk/col…fer

Changed merchant to airmiles rather than Lloyds.. link is fine now

remember, you need to spend minimum of £100 in first 3 months to extend the 0% interest free on transfers to 6 months.
I have signed up already, although not 100% how to use airmiles as i've never dealt with them b4, but my folks live in Cyprus and it looks like (zone 3) a one way flight is covered by the 1500 airmiles, so that saves me about £350!!

Like the advert says - they hook you in and before you know it - its hidden charges - illegal charges - and increased interest rates while official rates hardly move.

In the past you had to buy a Hoover to get conned like this.


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My advice would be to simply not use the credit card. I'll be making the £10 purchase, paying it off immediately, then cutting up the card. Simple way of getting the airmiles without issues!

Also remember and correct me if I'm wrong you need to book 1 nights hotel accommodation when you book the flights!!! :?

I did this in January - just use the credit card to spend the £10 and qualify for the free flight.
You need to book one nights hotel accomodation through airmiles when you book the flight, they can be relatively expensive, but a quirk to this is that you dont have to book a hotel in the flight destination or in the dates of your free flight.
crazy to vote this cold because the card has poor interest rates - be smart and not like all the monkeys out there who cant have a credit card without using it!
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