150ml mini pepsi zero cans £0.19 @ Home bargains

150ml mini pepsi zero cans £0.19 @ Home bargains

Found 12th Nov 2012
Just was passing my store in Coulby Newham and saw this great deal. The mini cans of Pepsi zero for only 19p

They are cheap considering they are 44p in tesco - tesco.com/gro…628
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Give it another 12 months and they'll be charging 2p to have a drop of cola from a pipette.
I'm guessing Coulby Newham only has 1 store then, and if we are in town it will be the the only place that sells this. oO
Is this the shop your on about? Know it well have some heat...

am sure that HB sell normal size cans for about 25p and bottles 39p?
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