156 Pampers baby dry size 3 £8.99 @ costco

156 Pampers baby dry size 3 £8.99 @ costco

Found 3rd Apr 2014
156 box of pampers baby dry size 3 for £8.99 at costco.

Went to local costco today and got the last two boxes currently on shelf (westhill)
At 5.7p a nappy iv never bought so cheap. Will be going back later in week to check if more stock.

Dont know if national or not but worth checking!

Pampers pull ups size 5 and 6 also on offer at 15p a nappy.
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Is a membership needed to get into costco?
bought these for 15.99 from costco 2 weeks back.. this is blazing hot hot hot! gonna go check it out Tommorow in Leicester branch!
yes membership is required to shop at costco.
Any VAT to add or is that just Makro?
Hot as these are 2 for £20 in asda
Every little helps lol
Sazward, I think it's the mega packs in Asda...this is the Giga pack!
Another daft Costco deal, ice cold

Sazward, I think it's the mega packs in Asda...this is the Giga pack!

You're right. It almost also confused me too. Not sure if it was staff or a customer that had misplaced the GigaPack box with Mega Box that had the offer on.
Costco do silly deals, 2 boxes per customer, how can they be wholesale, its all rubbish, they are not trade
They r about £20 in Costco so this s possibly sn error.
Its max 20 boxes per customer. And usual price in costco for this box is £14.99
Hot does anyone know if this is national??
Good price as nappies can be so expensive!

I remember just before I had my first child (who is now 4) Asda had these big Pampers Baby Dry boxes, 144 in the box, down to £6! I am sure I bought about 10 of the boxes before baby was even born!
I went there didn't have them in mine - my one worked out over 10p per nappy 111 for £13-49
just went to Leicester branch and they didn't have them there either.. they had 141 for 13.49.. possibly a store only deal!
Milton Keynes size 4 still at £18.99!
Not in Croydon
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