15kg vinyl dumbell set - £13.33 @ Tesco

15kg vinyl dumbell set - £13.33 @ Tesco

Found 9th Jan 2011
Information is a bit thin on the ground but I'd assume that the 15kg includes the bars so more like 13 or 14kg worth of weights (in line with similar sets sold on Argos like this one - http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/9003132/Trail/searchtext%3EVINYL+DUMBELL+SET.htm).

Seems like a decent starter set for someone looking to keep fit but wanting to start off small, although I'd advise anyone looking to build a big weights collection to stay away from vinyl weights and head somewhere like Decathlon for cast iron plates.

No idea when the offer's on til but the usual price is £19.99 so 1/3 off. Delivery is £5 or free collection from store.
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Tesco West Durrington are doing dumbell bars for £3.33 a pair and 2.5kg weights for £1.66 each. Also doing the 5kg weights - I can't remember the exact price, might be £3.33 as well.
I would get a couple of pairs of these LINK because the bar seems to be more secure and you can fit more weights onto the bar if you find the 7.5KG on each bar to be a little light. But this set I mentioned do come a little lose after use and I used blue tack to keep them more secure.
I don't mean to be all "look at me I can lift more than that", but average arms probably weigh about 7.5kg.

Having said that if lifting your arms has become a chore for you this may be a good product.
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Got 17 kgs cast iron dumbbell set from Tesco last week for £18 (there was 1/3 off offer).
Happy with them.
Save yourself some money and stuff yesterday's news paper in a plastic bag to simulate the space the weights will take up under your bed.
Dumbells are a great product that will last for years and can be passed on should you ever decide you no longer want them.

I have cast iron weights that I still use today about 12 years after I first got them.
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