15x Candy Canes for £1 @ Poundworld

15x Candy Canes for £1 @ Poundworld

£1£3.99 75% Poundworld Deals
Found 3rd Dec
Found these at Pondworld Maidenhead
I am sure they are country wide
Great Deal
Don't know how they do it


Excellent Freudian Slip.

yes bought them from my local too last week .. they also have smaller candy canes

voted cold as seen them at same price elsewhere

Heat given but you will soon get lots for free once Flamedeer starts

COLD 32 in Savers for £1.39
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ezzer7255 m ago

Excellent Freudian Slip.

I'd call my local store PondLife

Bit small like to lick bigger one like..32635605-ttQOh.jpg

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Lol. I love that pic

75p, pack of 12 candy canes, in Poundstretchers.

My wee girl’s Xmas elf poops these apparently.....

Found at Pondworld Maidenhead???
Do you mean: Maidenhead Aquatics

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Sorry it was a type. Maidenhead Poundworld inside Nicholsons shopping centre
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