£16 a month with BUPA - I just switched!

£16 a month with BUPA - I just switched!

Found 14th Apr 2008
I have been paying £50 / month for my regular Fitness First membership. This was for the top tier clubs, full access in downtown London, on and off peak allowed.

I recently looked into joined BUPA personal health insurance, specifically for their Fitness First deal. As I'm young and fairly healthy, Bupa quoted me £16 a month for their insurance, and I received a free 12mth, unrestricted Fitness First membership.

Needs to be noted though... if you try the same please make sure you read the fine print and call your local club to double check they accept the Bupa voucher and will not try to restrict your club access to off-peak, or something else. I called the club, read all the fine print on the website, and grilled the Bupa salesman extensively to make sure the deal was legit. Also would recommend signing up towards the middle of the month, as it takes a couple of weeks to get the paperwork sorted, and the salesmen's deadlines for commision are usually the 15th or 20th.. so they will be more likely to help you out in order to make their sales.

Summary: £50 per month drops to £16 per month for a full year's contract.
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You are not offered an unrestricted fitness first

You have to pay an additional 10 a month to fitness first at least depending on the type of fitness first,

The other thing is that i am currently siged on under health care select 3 and i am payin 9.14
Hey again,

I was offered an unrestricted access. They switched my regular (unrestricted) account and simply cancelled my payments and moved me onto the Bupa voucher/subscription. I'm able to still use the same club (tot court road), at any time of day (Black label account). Still using the same membership card and everything.

Not paying any additional fees or processing. I'm not sure what health care plan I'm signed under - I just answered their questions and took the quote they offered me, saying quite clearly that I wanted the Fitness first deal and didn't really care about the BUPA coverage (which is only a side bonus for me).

Hope this helps. Maybe I got an unrestricted deal simply because I asked quite specifically and carefully for it? The saleman was chasing me for a couple of weeks to get me to sign, and I refused until he could guarantee me the deal I wanted (unrestricted, in the top tier club).
Your very lucky mate,

ive just chased bupa now an they told me i gotta wait 21 days before i get the bupa letter to even go to the gym!!!
just emailed them so lets see what they offer me ;D

Thanks for posting the deal, lets hope I get the same offer as you lol. I only pay £35 a month but it would be nice to half the price and get health insurance for free with it.

HI again

They did say 21 days for me too, but it was already close the end of the month when I applied (maybe 21st or so), so they had the contract at Bupa start on the 1st of the next month (April), and the voucher was sent about 2 weeks after I signed up - with a start date of May 1st. Like I said above... paying 2x16 for BUPA is still cheaper than 1x50 a month for fitness first.

Keep in mind, I have almost no intention of using the health insurance - am expecting it to be a nightmare of deductions and "not-covered's", but only thinking about this deal in terms of the savings off the gym membership, which is substancial (for me).
If only it was Esporta...
Just wondering how this would work for me, but wonder if you would mind sharing how old you are? Hope that's not too cheeky! I'm a fit, healthy non-smoker but I guess age is a big factor.

I'm 29, almost 30. Non-smoker, the basic "healthy" person that Bupa knows will probably never need to use their health services. It makes sense, that the type of people they're pulling in with this deal are likely to be pro-active with healthy activities (like going to the gym), so in a way, they are doing themselves a favour.

Age probably is a big factor, but if your a non-smoker, etc, etc.. you can probably get £20 or £30 a month.. which is still a savings compared to what i was paying the gym directly. Also depends on how much the gym is charging you at the moment.. if you are out of the city centers... then you're probably spending less on the membership in the first place.
Thanks very much. I'm already a FF member, paying £31 per month (down on the coast), but I think I'll give it a go - I haven't anything to lose by asking! Voted hot - thanks!
For £19.97 Bupa offered me the highest membership package available in fitness first, that allows access to the Platinum Clubs. :thumbsup:
Booo. Not v happy! Spoke to Bupa, telling them my local gym is Eastbourne and they had my dob telling them I am 43 (I'm not proud!), and they said they can only do me an off peak deal - Eastbourne is an off peak gym! The best they can do is offer me an upgrade at £10 per month, but the lowest policy they could put me on would be £20, so a saving of £1. Okay, I know I'd have basic BUPA cover too, but I feel I can't be bothered with the hassle.

I can't understand why the Eastbourne gym will only do off peak, when it's only £31 per month anyway, whereas a prestigious club like Tottenham Court Road (in the salesman's own words "a platinum club") will offer full membership at a vastly reduced price.

Feeling very miffed! :?
Probably can offer bigger discounts at Tottenham Court Road because the huge majority of members are paying £50 or more per month.. so with the very few people who aim for a discount, there's more room for dealing. It's a bit counter-intuitive, but the most expensive places are the least picky - they have more money to play with from the start.

Also keep in mind that I first called Bupa in Dec. I refused to join because at that time, they didn't offer this deal on the one and only gym I was interested. I then got a (desperate?) call from a new salesman a couple of months later - and I made him do his homework about triple check that the deal was peak time and platinum club (also called "Black Label").

Try not to feel too miffed... you're £31 per month is an excellent gym rate. It's what I used to pay for a sweaty, overly packed student gym a few years ago... so you're doing well. It's a very personal, site specific deal - but it's also a way for us all to discuss Fitness First memberships and pricing... something that I found very, very hard to pin down before I joined, and was just doing my homework online.

Good luck!
I called on Friday and this has ended... Gutted.
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