16 Andrex gorgeous comfort quilts £1.75 at Asda

16 Andrex gorgeous comfort quilts £1.75 at Asda

LocalFound 1st May 2013
16 Andrex gorgeous comfort quilts scanning for £1.75 at Asda
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Is this in all asda's?
Which store, £7 online.
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This was Watford sorry. Was in store haven't seen this online.
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Should be national.
:-(.....I was gonna dash out to buy some!!!
Any proof of this deal?
Would call the good lady but will know that when she gets to the local store it will be something different
Was this a glitch at checkout or actually priced at £1.75?
That price doesn't seem right - it is way, way too cheap !
not working in morley/leeds
any barcode
Before i press the big red button and get the troops moving, lets get some confirmation.
Wow hot if national, seems like a pricing error, whats the barcode?
bargin.. nationwide??
None in Canterbury. I was told they are a promotional end of line product, not usually stocked.
My bum only likes the best

My bum only likes the best

The same here. He's called Steve
I know a certain fanny that's going to be happy with this deal.
You never realize you need toilet paper until it's too late...
Jus bought 10 from asda dunstable...bargain
Just bought 10 from asda dunstable. Bargain

Which store, £7 online.

7.50 for the 18's not 16 above
I do hope its 3 ply
i'm going to pop in on route home - its worth a gander :P
plya4life - was there any left in dunstable?
11p per roll oO
No more 'brown ballerina' scenarios with this quality paper.
Sorry but big roll is not gorgeous
Am gona Kleenex up
kettering asda the staff took them all

Just bought 10 from asda dunstable. Bargain

Did u leave any for any1 else
None in my asda

7.50 for the 18's not 16 above

Online is £7.00 for 16, no 18`s attached link.
Goung to check mine in a min see if there is stock
£7 on mysupermrket for Asda
All sold out sorry in dunstable..literally got cleared within 5 mins..its reduced because its a deleted line now
None in chatham
Any left in Watford ASDA?
Excellent deal at Bournemouth priced at 7.00 but scanned at 1.75 :))
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