16 cans of Dr pepper for £5 @ Asda

16 cans of Dr pepper for £5 @ Asda

Found 7th Feb 2015
8 cans of Dr pepper currently £4.39 at asda or 2for £5 also included in deal are coke, Fanta and sprite but this was the best deal( hope I've posted correctly)

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Instead of 2 for £5 list it as 16 cans, title gives impression u get 2 cans for £5 lol!
Dear Lord 2 cans for a fiver? No thanks. Lol.
16 cans for £5 makes sense.
You can purchase 8 cans for £4 on a normal offy (50p×8=£4)
Is this honestly getting cold due to the OPs wording? 99% of people will have knew exactly what they meant and are being what seems to be very typical of HUKD. Petty. I think it's a decent deal.
The deal may be good or bad, I don't really
care. I just want the World to know that I
think Dr Pepper is the most revolting drink
or food I have ever tasted. There, I've got
that off my chest. Good night.
Weather you like it or not it's a good deal heat from me
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