16 inch standing Fan £4 @ Tesco

16 inch standing Fan £4 @ Tesco

Found 17th Oct 2016Made hot 17th Oct 2016
16inch Standing Fan


Table top fans £3.00


In store or online? No such price on tesco direct.

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in store but should be online as were on shelves not in baskets

Deffo national, got one 2 weeks ago.

good find op, heat added

which Tesco did u get it from

surely must be cold by mid October

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I got mine in Kilmarnock but also went to Irvine and were also shelfs full off them

Is there one for when you are sitting down? X)

Surely a fake, how did you get the receipt to hover?

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?? it's on top off box box in trolley

cheapest online for 16" pedestal is £19.99
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