16" pedestal fan £4.89 @ TESCO instore

16" pedestal fan £4.89 @ TESCO instore

Found 7th Sep 2009Made hot 7th Sep 2009
went to my local tesco today (haydock) and picked up this fan for £4.89, was £9.78 at the weekend and is still that price online, has previously retailed at £19.


Bargainprice! Got two of these in similar end-of-"summer" shelf-clear two years ago. Bargain but BULKY to store/assemble and this year only got used twice = 363 days idle

It's good, but the wrong time of the year for it, but then you can keep it in the box until next year.

Hot......unlike the weather:x

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Hot......unlike the weather:x

i don't know...think we are getting our indian summer at the mo.

It will be hot tomorrow :-D in the east

yeh got one of these at the end of our summer................think it was may

Just picked 2 up in stockton, Some are marked up at £9.99 but scan at £4.98
Prob leave them boxed till nx summer lol

got 3 for the hot day next year which i think is august 24th
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