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160 Amp Turbo Fan Cooled Arc Welder £39.99 INSTORE ONLY @ Aldi
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160 Amp Turbo Fan Cooled Arc Welder £39.99 INSTORE ONLY @ Aldi

£39.99Aldi Deals
Posted 27th Oct 2012Available: National

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Great price for a 160 amp welder. 3 years Guarantee.
* Adjustable welding current, range 55-160 amps
* Input voltage: 230V/50Hz
* Electrode sizes: 1.6-4mm
* Input capacity: 8kW
* Thermal overload protection
* Earth clamp
* Electrode holder
* Power leads
* Hand-held face shield
* 2 in 1 Chipping hammer/wire brush
* 10 assorted electrodes

### Unit not suitable for standard domestic 13 Amp power socket ##

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Just to make sure that everyone understands, you can connect it to your normal 13amp socket but if you set it on the maximum 160 amp it will blow the fuse. But you can weld from 55amp to 115amp from normal socket.
The reason why it's not coming with the plug is because UK has silly 13amp fuses on the plugs, while anywhere else in Europe fuses are only in the fuse board.
Was tempted until I saw

### Unit not suitable for standard domestic 13 Amp power socket ##

Mind you I reckon every guy should own an arc welder!
I've just hooked it up to 13amp socked and it works lovely up to about 120amp which is for rods of 3.2mm. I didn't go over that but I'm happy that I can if I have to.
Anyway, you right every guy should own one!!!
Never arc welded, is it as easy to learn as mig? Great price assuming you can get useable results in a relatively short time. I paid about £250 for a decent mig.
I would think arc is easier then mig as you don't have to match the speed of the feeding wire because you are welding with a single rod.
But very similar anyway and no gas to buy!!! . Arc welder is better for thick steel, car frames etc.
Arc welding takes a bit more time to perfect than mig - basically with mig, the skill is in setting it up correctly then it's pretty much point n shoot (you just pull the trigger and move the torch at a steady rate, similar to using a silicone sealant gun movement wise really), whereas with arc welding the setup is pretty much choosing power (and sometimes polarity), but the actual technique is a little harder to master (as you have to maintain the rod angle, distance and progress rate as the rod gets shorter, and at high power/thickness increase speed to allow for the heat induced in the rod as it gets shorter too). Mig is better suited to thin materials (ie car repairs), arc suits thicker materials and generally tolerates rusty or contaminated materials a little better, plus (as there is no gas involved) it is not susceptible to draughts/wind blowing the shielding gas away. To echo what others have said, you could run this from a 13 amp plug for the lower settings, or you could get a 32 amp waterproof socket installed (similar to the 16 amp blue round plugs used for caravan mains hookups).
Just a thought but the cooker control switch which have a socket could be used and put higher rating fuse for 13amp plug?
Great for bonny night,ace sparks for the kids!
@morrig exactly, cooker socket usually wired 30 amp + a nail instead of 13amp fuse yyyyhaaaa
Its ok for small jobs but if you weld longer than 10 mins it overheats and you have to wait till it cools down again,usually about 15 mins
I hate when someone is making knocking down comments like this. The fact is that this welder is available for £39.99 and yes it is DIY welder, so if you compare it with the Clarke welder it's a great deal. But if you comparing it with professional heavy duty welders then it is not fair.
Some people are happy driving Corsa yet there is always someone who will tell them that their Range Rover is better.
well said
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