160 Sainsbury's Red Label Tea Bags - £1.17.

160 Sainsbury's Red Label Tea Bags - £1.17.

Found 12th Jan 2009
As per title, Sainsbury's Red Label Tea Bags 160's, 500g, are now half price at £1.17.

In my opinion, these are decent quality and should keep the 'never pay more than a penny a teabag' people happy.

The 500g packs of Red Label loose tea are also half price at £1.01.



I got these last week and they are very nice.

Cracking deal.....deserves to be voted hotter :thumbsup:

When I used to work at JS maybe 15 years ago as an A level student, I was always told that this was their top selling own-branded line, so I took a taste test and never looked back.

Although a cup of PG Tips or Tetley is nice from time to time (holidays), nothing beats Red Label as my staple cuppa to an extent where I wont buy anything else.

Absolutely recommended, always a spare box in the cupboard stuff, usually one of the sizes is on special once a month, but this one is particularly hot.

Interesting. I have a 250 bag-box to get through, and, unfortunately, to me they taste pretty lame. We usually have clipper, which I guess costs more. Still, 'good enough' probably.

Hot from me...Have drunk this for more years than i care to remember, highly recommended.

Hot from me too....picked up a couple today
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