£160 Swisstec 27 Inch HD Ready LCD TV (Brand New) @ Bigpockets

£160 Swisstec 27 Inch HD Ready LCD TV (Brand New) @ Bigpockets

Found 8th Apr 2010
Product Name: Swisstec 27 Inch HD Ready LCD TV
Product Code: SKY-01002
Pack Size: 1
Condition: Brand New
Warranty: Yes: 12 Month RTB
Despatch Time: Usually ships same working day*
Availability: IN STOCK
Category: LCD TVs


I can't find a website for Swisstech anywhere.
A bargain price... but a bit of a gamble?

Voted hot anyway for the price!

Warning. My Brother in law had four of these (I think they were promotional items given away by one of the mobile phone companies). All of them have failed and the appointed service company just don't want to know.

You have the SOG legislation to get a refund, just don't expect the TV to work for long. Utter utter carp, quite good looking though.

I suspect they have the same internals as the 'Sonix' TV that Sainsburys sold, brilliant set with excellent picture, the only problem was that almost all failed between 3 and 6 months and there was no repair service, just a refund.

no freeview?


these are going to be really old stock

screen resolution1280x720 -ouch- this went out with the ark for TVs - should be 1366 x 768

and no mention of digital tuner

best avoid IMHO


Wow! Didn't see that spec sheet. No HDMI, no HDCP, and an 'orrible screen resolution.

Some may find it useful for watching SD broadcasts though. Thanks for taking the time to post mate.

ohh been lookin for a silver tv but not sure anyone else knows where i can buy a nice silver TV???

Very old stock
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