160GB Maxtor External Portable Hard Drive - £54.99 @ maplin

160GB Maxtor External Portable Hard Drive - £54.99 @ maplin

Found 7th Mar 2008
160GB of portable storage for your digital life
Shock protected storage and ideal for your digital videos, photos and music
Additional portable storage for your laptop, in the home or office
USB 1.1 and 2.0 compatible
Easy set up
PC and Mac compatible

Cheaper then Amazon or Ebuyer, delivery is free on orders over £35.
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Hi bombaypimp. I've added a price and retailer name to the thread title. Please see the links in my signature for help on posting deals. Thanks!

Is this powered by the usb cable or through an external adapter?. Just wondering because you can get those 500GB external WD Elements drives (external power supply) for an extra fiver off ebuyer which seems like much better value.

It's a usb powered one, but I can't see what it offers over the £49.99 Western Digital ones from PC World.

i seen a post on here, 500gb for at least £70

This is usb powered matey and 500gb require a mains adaptor.

Everytime a portable hard drive is mentioned on this site people always say they've seen a bigger, cheaper model. Perhaps when a 2.5" USB powered drive is listed it should have a sentance explaining it's different to other drives in that it doesn't need its own power block....

This seems like a good deal for a more rugged drive than other similar models as it's only a couple of extra pound, even if it doesn't clarify what shock protection is offered. It is also available from ]Dixons for £53.84 (free delivery) so about its money really.

thanks to the poster, just paid 51.99 - 3% quidco for this drive! Was looking for a=one for a while and this comes in handy with my eeepc
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